Off has twelve series:

1) The "Main" series:

OCD001: Blaine L. Reininger / Glossolalia
OCD002: P.V.T.V. / Wing-Chester
OCD003: Don Schtone / Beware of the Cat
OCD004: Toshinori Kondo / Silent Melodies
OCD005: Colorlist / Lists
OCD006: El Topo / Pigiama Psicoattivo
OCD007: Strings of Consciousness / Fantomastique Acoustica
OCD008: Robert Edwin / Messy Waves
OCD009: Colorlist / Photographs
OCD010: Comfort / Sleep Talking Shared
OCD011: SLuG / SLuG
OCD012: Mai Lev / Birthday
OCD013: Jesse Elder / The winding shell
OCD014: Josse De Pauw - Peter Vermeersch - Pierre Vervloesem / Weg
OCD015: Dave Formula and Christine Hanson / The Organ Of Corti
SCD016: Blaine L. Reininger - William Lee Self / The Hamburg Sessions
OCD017: Soldier Six / Lost at Timekeeper's Gate
OCD018: Baby Fire / The Red Robe
OCD019: Hanami Quartet / Hanami Quartet
OCD020: Electronique de France / Electronique de France
OCD021: Doug Scharin / Kate No Longer
OCD022: Philippe Tasquin / Bandes originales des films de Gerlando Infuso
OCD023: Jean-Marc Experience / The Last Broadcast On Earth
OCD024: LAS vegas / LAS vegas
OCD/OLP025: Leatherman / Romania
OCD026: Controlled Bleeding - Sparkle In Grey / Perversions of the Aging Savant
OCD027: Morgen Wurde / Letzten Endes
OCD028: Marco Bardoscia / Tutti Solo
OCD029: Aerobe / Aerobe
OCD030: Soldier Six / Flesh Of A Trinity
OCD031: Dim Lighting / Your Miniature Motion
OCD032: K-Mundi / The little disaster inside us
OCD033: Baby Fire / Gold
OCD034: Kurtisz / Wire
OCD035: Økapi & Aldo Kapi's Orchestra / Pardonne-moi, Olivier!
OCD036: Adrian Lim-Klumpes / Yield (Preludes & Fugues for piano)
OCD037: Excessive Visage / You Are Lost Anyway
OCD038: James Brandon Lewis - Chad Taylor / Radian Imprints
OCD039: Ben Sluijs Quartet / Particles
OCD040: Morgen Wurde / Als Je Zuvor
OCD041: The Gödel Codex / Oak
OCD042: The Wrong Object / Zappa Jawaka
OCD043: The Wrong Object / Into the Herd

There are also 4 promo cds:

SPR001: William Lee Self / EP
OPR001: SLuG / Speed and Joy
OPR002: Mai Lev / Mai Lev
OPR003: Kurtisz / Blue Bolts

2) The "Digital Only" series:

ODG001: Nervous Lovers / Corpses for the Discodaw
ODG002: Rob(U)Rang / Vol.1
ODG003: Philippe Petit & Friends / Silk-Screened
ODG004: Bejamin Lew - Alinovsky - Luc Van Lieshout / Tant de Temps
ODG005: Emmanuel Borghi Trio / Keys, Strings and Brushes
ODG006: Robert Edwin / Teleport
ODG007: Jessica Constable and Philippe Gelda / Live in Toulouse
ODG008: Giovanni Di Domenico - Arve Henriksen - Tatsuhisa Yamamoto / Distare Sonanti
ODG009: Meyer -Trim - Rumback / Look At Me, So I Can Get Close To You
ODG010: The Zoo Wheel / Ear Falls
ODG011: SUTT / Hymne Til Hjemmet
ODG012: Roedelius and Morgan Fisher / Neverless
ODG013: Roedelius and Morgan Fisher / Live at Porgy and Bess - Vienna
ODG014: Adriano Lanzi / You are never alone with the Lemurian Broadcasting Company
ODG015: The Camping Group / So Wie Wir Heute Dastehn Zeitgenössische Tanzmusik
ODG016: The Camping Group / Vertrauen & Wohlstand
ODG017: Radiobugs / Radio Bugs
ODG018: Baja / V
ODG019: Roedelius - Jean-Benoît Dunckel / Live at Silencio - Paris
ODG020: Roedelius - Christoph H. Muller / Live at the CDA - Enghien
ODG021: Roedelius - Christopher Chaplin / Live at Silencio - Paris
ODG022: They Call Me Mr. Fluff / Plastic People
ODG023: Himiko Paganotti / Jazz Songs
ODG024: Blanchet - Borghi - Chevallier - Paganotti Quartet
ODG025: In Heaven / Lions Are Eternal
ODG026: WXII / Pillbox
ODG027: Robert Edwin / Telewaves
ODG028: Hanami Quartet / Hanami Quartet / cd for 10€
ODG029: Beaker / Beaker
ODG030: Incidental Music Vol.1 / Incidental Music
ODG031: Incidental Music Vol.2 / Subs
ODG032: Incidental Music Vol.3 / Sense Station
ODG033: Lark Wool / Lark Wool
ODG034: Mutantes Melancolicos / Mi Reloj Biologico No Necesita Cuerda / cd for 15€
ODG035: Collisions / Masses
ODG036: Collisions / Sea Motions
ODG037: Four of a kind / That Kind of Jazz
ODG038: Cyrod Iceberg / Route II
ODG039: Tadash / Shadow of Dreams
ODG040: D Aimler Entertainment Group / Disco Discoveries Vol.1 & 2
ODG041: Marco Bardoscia / Solo Contrebasse - Tutti / cd for 12€
ODG042: Roland Binet / Dreamprovise
ODG043: Anal + / Artaud +
ODG044: ZE ZORGS / Cosmic Striptease - A tribute to Russ Meyer
ODG045: Kurtisz / Blue Bolts
ODG046: Quasi Una Fantasia / Quasi
ODG047: Daniele Morelli / Mision Azul
ODG048: Internal Sun / Internal Sun
ODG049: Ryan Choi / Whenmill / cd for 15€
ODG050: Adam Matlock / Lungfiddle / cd for 12€
ODG051: Soldier Six / Flesh Of A Trinity
ODG052: Nimzo-Indian / Nomadno
ODG053: Bart Maris / Voorkamer - Achterkamer
ODG054: Alessandro Baris / Faces
ODG055: Kurtisz / Consequences
ODG056: Kurtisz / Keys
ODG057: Byl Zamechen / It just got worse 
ODG058: Clara Engel / When the Spell Breaks - Selections 
ODG059: Benjamin Lew - Alinovsky - Yoshiko Sato / Dates encore et toujours
ODG060: Amélie Nilles / Seed
ODG061: Pascal Doguet / The Old City
ODG062: Drawings in sound / 161 ep
ODG063: John Franek / La mer dans le ciel
ODG064: H.Soror / Live in Kyiv
ODG065: Ben Bertrand / Era - Area
ODG066: Boxface / Life Is Fluid
ODG067: Blaine L. Reininger / Glossolalia + Bonus Tracks
ODG068: Tadash / Rivals
ODG069: electrOZorus / Le grimoire - Trou noir
ODG070: Baby Fire / Brussels (Pierre Vervloesem remix)
ODG071: Tunnel Ensemble / Tunnel Ensemble
ODG072: Sad Man / Sad Man
ODG073: NOMMO / Conquest
ODG074: The Paul Swest / Sports Car Illusions
ODG075: Brekekekexkoaxkoax / Fuck Yeah There Will Be Lemurs
ODG076: Boxface / Doors
ODG077: Deadman Orchestra / Mix Tape for Film
ODG078: Veda / Preface
ODG079: Nimzo-Indian/ B
ODG080: Matador / Matador
ODG081: Brekekekexkoaxkoax / Coolage Works
ODG082: Tadash / Jachère
ODG083: Goudron et Plume / Burned Heart on a Sunny Beach
ODG084: Ghettovators / Ghettomorphosis
ODG085: Chisto Pole / Boria at Home
ODG086: Ben Sluijs / Solo Recordings
ODG087: Terretektorh / 11:11
ODG088: Morgen Wurde / Als Je Zuvor EP1 feat. Tetsuroh Konishi
ODG089: Morgen Wurde / Als Je Zuvor EP2 feat. Maria Estrella & Tetsuroh Konishi
ODG090: Morgen Wurde / Als Je Zuvor - The Transformations
ODG091: Solomon Kimrey / Things That Grow
ODG092: Boxface / Intermission Pieces, Vol. 1
ODG093: Boxface / Intermission Pieces, Vol. 2
ODG094: Out Of Tune Wolf / Cognizant
ODG095: Ben Sluijs - Erik Vermeulen / Stones
ODG96: Ben Sluijs Quartet / Seasounds
ODG097: The Paul Swest / Eyeshadow Falls
ODG098: Ben Sluijs Quartet / Somewhere in Between
ODG099: Ze Zorgs / ZZCC141118
ODG100: Ghost Cities / Joyhunter
ODG101: Von Stroheim / Love? Who Gets Love?
ODG102: Earl Van Scandal / The Ballad of Joe Wuss
ODG104: Silsila / Silsila
ODG105: Arash Azadi / Mathematical Labyrinth
ODG106: Rodolphe Coster / Shudder
ODG107: H.Soror / Live at Electric Meadow
ODG108: Jürgen Augusteyns / Das ewige Ende
ODG109: Sonido Amazonico / 250µg
ODG110: Ze Zorgs / Barlok
ODG111: Jürgen Augusteyns / Moeilijk

See also ODX001 / ODX002 in the Digital Boxes series

3) The "Pierre Vervloesem Presents" series:

OPV001: Pierre Vervloesem / Not Even Close
OPV002: Kings of Belgium / Unchained Melodies
OPV003: Codswallop / Grotesque
OPV004: The Claude Zac Ensemble / SSSHHHTTTTT
OPV005: John Koenig / John Koenig
OPV006: Kings of Belgium / Très Fort
OPV007: Les Boucles Absurdes/ Boîte à tartines
OPV008: Simple / Undeletable
OPV009: Philippe Tasquin / My Skinny Wonderland
OPV010: Les Boucles Absurdes / Into My Brain
OPV011: Manu Ribot / Ça
OPV012: Orchestra Exotica / Plays Martin Denny
OPV013: Pierre Vervloesem & Alinovsky / Invisible Quality
OPV014: Pierre Vervloesem / Artiste Belge

See also ODX009

There is also a box containing ORT001/OPV003/OPV004/OPV005:
OBX001: The CK Theory

4) The " Pierre Vervloesem Presents - Digital Only" series:

OVD001: Ray Pinson / On dirait du singe
OVD002: Pierre Vervloesem / Silence Science
OVD003: Les Boucles Absurdes / Lines
OVD004: Pierre Vervloesem / Home Made (Remastered & Augmented)
OVD005: Pierre Vervloesem / Fiasco (Remastered & Augmented)
OVD006: Pierre Vervloesem / Chef-d'Oeuvre (Remastered & Augmented)
OVD007: Pierre Vervloesem - John Litton Baroï / Zala Zala (Remastered)
OVD008: Pierre Vervloesem / Pierre Vervloesem plays John Barry (Remastered)
OVD009: Pierre Vervloesem / Grosso Modo (Remastered & Augmented)
OVD010: Pierre Vervloesem / Rude (Remastered & Augmented)
OVD011: Pierre Vervloesem - John Litton Baroï / Shanti (Remastered)
OVD012: Harakiriad / Harakiriad
OVD013: Pierre Vervloesem / Pot-Pourri Vol.1
OVD014: Pierre Vervloesem / Pot-Pourri Vol.2
OVD015: Pierre Vervloesem / Pot-Pourri Vol.3
OVD016: Pierre Vervloesem - Teun Verbruggen - Adrien Lambinet / Live at Pelzer Jazz Club
OVD017: P.V.T.V. / Wing-Chester
OVD018: Les Boucles Absurdes / Un nouveau pied pour Noël (Feat. Pierre Vervloesem)
OVD019: The Art of Going Nowhere, Part. 1 and 2
OVD020: Pierre Vervloesem / The Art of Going Nowhere, Part. 3
OVD021: Pierre Vervloesem / The Art of Going Nowhere, Part. 4
OVD022: Pierre Vervloesem / The Art of going Nowhere 1 - Extended
OVD023: Pierre Vervloesem / The Art of going Nowhere 2 - Extended
OVD024: Pierre Vervloesem / The Art of Going Nowhere 3 - Extended
OVD025: Pierre Vervloesem / The Art of going Nowhere 4 - Extended
OVD026: Manu Ribot / Future from the Past

See also ODX003

5) The "RAT-Off" series:

ORT001: Caca / Sketches of Pain
ORT002: Giovanni Di Domenico - Arve Henriksen - Tatsuhisa Yamamoto / Clinamen
ORT003: Giovanni Di Domenico - Arve Henriksen - Tatsuhisa Yamamoto / Distare Sonanti
ORT004: The Bureau Of Atomic Tourism / Second Law Of Thermodynamics
ORT005: Arve Henriksen - Teun Verbruggen / Black Swan
ORT006: The Bureau Of Atomic Tourism / Spinning Jenny
ORT007: Vansina Orchestra / Morning Forest aka Nose up Bottom Down
ORT008: Teun Verbruggen - Trevor Dunn / Department of Entomology
ORT009: Marc Ducret - Teun Verbruggen - Nate Wooley / The Evil Art Contest
ORT010: Chaos of the Haunted Spire / Live at Trix (Feat. Sickboy Milkplus and Pierre Vervloesem)
ORT011: Teun Verbruggen - Mauro Pawslowski - Jean DL / When Stoke Stokes ( Live )
ORT012: Chaos of the Haunted Spire / Live at Het Bos
ORT013: Elko Blijweert - Frans van Isacker / Atlajala Land
ORT014: Chaos of the Haunted Spire / Book 1
ORT015: The Bureau of Atomic Tourism / Hapax Legomena
ORT016: Warped Dreamer / Lomahongva / see also DVD001
ORT017: Maris / On Gods and Other Things
ORT018: Vansina - Verbruggen - Gudmundsson / St. Cecilia
ORT019: Northern Escorts / Impeccable Class
ORT020: Bicipital Fine / Bicipital Fine
ORT021: Teun Verbruggen - Jozef Dumoulin - Nate Wooley - Ingebrigt Håker Flaten / KaPSalon
ORT022: Vitja Pauwels / Day at Half Speed

See also ODX008ODX009ODX011 and Warped Dreamer DVD001

6) The "Japanese" series:

OJP001: Tetsuroh Konishi / Sleep On The Sofa / cds for 12€
OJP002: Tetsuroh Konishi / Nanso / cds for 15€
OJP003: Wananabani-en / Wani No Niwa
OJP004: Léo Dupleix / Signs
OJP005: Léo Dupleix - Toshimaru Nakamura / Futaride
OJP006: Sachiko Nagata X Chiharu MK / Blue Flow
OJP007: Yumiko Yoshimoto / Midnight Pendulum #0
OJP008: Chiharu MK / Piano Works: Piano Prizm - Waterproof
OJP009: Sachiko Nagata / Le Hamon
OJP010: Silentwave / The Deep Sea - Noisebeat
OJP011: Kitsukawa Migaku / The four seasons of the wind, vol.1
OJP012: Junya Koketsu / Yes
OJP013 : Shamito Nadeshiko / Extreme Folk
OJP014: Junya koketsu / Guitar of Junya Koketsu - Best of
OJP015: Kazunori Okuno / Lotus
OJP016: Robert Edwin / The Earth
OJP017: Androgena / Mondo Electronica
OJP018: Silentwave / Live Seasons
OJP019: Yuichi Onoue / Vongole
OJP020: Makoto Kawaba - Geoff Leigh / Spacial Roots
OJP021: Ai Kisaragi x Tetsuroh Konishi / Moment Flow
OJP022: Mimosa / Mimosa
OJP023: Haco - Kent Macpherson - Megan Berry - Jeremy Mayall / Wild Sonic Blooms
OJP024: Hal vs Robert Edwin / Frame - Feat. Ryouko Aomasa
OJP025: Ryouko Aomasa / Divine Fox Dance
OJP026: Yuichi Onoue / Early Days 1983-1997 - Collection of Bizarre Homemade Pop Songs
OJP027: Tetsuroh Konishi / Breathing of the Wind
OJP028: Ryoko Ono - Yong Yandsen / Eryu
OJP029: Shinpal / Promised Land
OJP030: Sanpin / Handmade Instruments Duo
OJP031: Atsuko Hatano / Endless Birthday - Yellow Boys
OJP032: Wananabani-en / Sugai!
OJP033: Ryoko Aomasa / Blue summer (Lost at the Bottom of the Sea)
OJP034: Ai Kisaragi - Tetsuroh Konishi / Atmosphere
OJP035: Atsuko Hatano / Bleeding Heart
OJP036: TRIOLA / Chiral
OJP037: ITACHI MODE / Melancholy For 60 Seconds

7) The "Asian" series:

OAS001: GUIGUISUISUI / From Another Dimension
OAS002: Yingfan / With a Slightly Finger Move
OAS003: Baishui / No Intrinsic, No Independent
OAS004: Minyen Hsieh, Shih-Yang Lee, Fang-Yi Liu / Constellation in Motion
OAS005: Even Less / Soundtrack to a Wasted Day
OAS006: Baishui / Diary of Broken Sounds
OAS007: Endless White / Day Off
OAS008: Minyen Hsieh - Ying-Da Chen / Live At New Narratives Film Festival 2016
OAS009: Lastboss - Emerge / Lastboss X Emerge
OAS010: GUIGUISUISUI / Charon (The remixes)

8) The "(Un)classical Collisions" series:

OUC001: Gao Yanqin / Prelude
OUC002: Helix 2 / Slower
OUC003: Baishui / Sound In Motion: Prologue - Puzzle Suite
OUC004: Ben Bertrand / Era-Area Live @ Ateliers Claus
OUC005: John Franek / I Have Not Seen as Others Saw
OUC006: Prope Nihil / Sea of Tranquillity
OUC007 : John Franek / I'm Sure You Can Imagine
OUC008: Mû / From Form
OUC009: Zicla / So
OUC010: Quentin Manfroy / Flute Solo
OUC011: Osinski / Theosopische Werke
OUC012: Ben Bertrand / NGC 1999
OUC013: Quasi Una Fantasia / Live In Saint-Servais Church Brussels
OUC014: Adam Matlock / Solo Piano
OUC015: Atsuko Hatano / Endless Birthday - Yellow Boys
OUC016: Manel Gaiato / Traces
OUC017: Atsuko Hatano / Bleeding Heart
OUC018: Whalt Thisney / Thiscore
OUC019: Phoebe Tsang / Button Music
OUC020: TRIOLA / Chiral

9) The "Off-Matonge" series:

OMT001: Didan & Petit Pierre / Musique du film 'Le ministre des poubelles'
OMT002: Didan & Petit Pierre / MON CONGO (Rendez-Moi Mon Congo!)
OMT003: Didan & Petit Pierre / Ata Ndele (Tôt ou tard le monde va changer)
OMT004: Dolicia Keta / Bouwele - Africa
OMT005: El Gueye / You & Me
OMT006/ Mame Balla / I Wanna Be

10) The "(Un)spoken words" series:

11) The "Archive" series:

OAR001: Instead Of / Jungle Journey In Sarawak - People & penguins from the faraway Falklands
OAR002: Olrik - Lew / Orient et Mécanique
OAR003: Michel D / Psychoative Itch
OAR004: Bob Seytor / Bob Seytor
AOR005: Orient et Mécanique / Orient et Mécanique

12) The "Digital boxes and Compilations" series:

a) the compilation series are physical boxes:
OBX001: The CK Theory:
contains ORT001/OPV003/OPV004/OPV005

b) the digital boxes series compilation boxes:
ODX001: Roedelius and Morgan Fisher / Neverless+Live at Porgy and Bess - Vienna:
contains ODG012 and ODG013
ODX002: Roedelius / Live Duets:
contains ODG019, ODG020 and ODG021
ODX003: Pierre Vervloesem / Pot-Pourri, Vols.1,2,3:
contains OVD013, OVD014 and OVD015
ODX004: Women Voices ( Songs to Dream On / Songs to Die For ):
contains a selection of the women singing on Off
ODX005: Baja:
contains SCD007 (Stilll Maps / Systemalheur) and ODG018
ODX006: The Camping Group:
contains ODG015 and ODG016
ODX007: Jazz Momentum On / Off:
contains a selection of some of the best Jazz on Off
ODX008: Chaos of the Haunted Spire / Retail Jedi:
contains ORT010, ORT012 and ORT014
ODX009: Les Boucles Absurdes / Boîtes à brains
contains OPV007, OPV010 and OVD003
ODX010: Adriano Lanzi / El Topo - Lemurian - K-muni Live
contains OCD006, ODG014 and bonus Live track
ODX011: Kings of Belgium / Unchained Melodies - Très Fort
contains OPV002 and OPV006
ODX012: Off-10 Years in a Nutshell / A mix by Morgen Wurde
contains more than 50 Artists of the label in a 3h17min 4 parts mix
ODX013: Pierre Vervloesem / The Art of going Nowhere 1 to 4 - Extended
contains OVD022, OVD023, OVD024 and OVD025

There is also a special free Xmas gift to use every 24th of December: