Friday, 24 April 2020

OMT009 : Savage Kings / Days Before the Blue Print

Cover art by DJeromebosch from a Zuhlume sigwabe pic

OMT009 : Savage Kings / Days Before the Blue Print

Savages Kings are a crew of 6: 4 musicians and 2 managers who take care of all but music. 

They are from South Africa, Eastern Cape, King Williams town. 
They all grew up together and feel like a family more than friends. 
They started doing music in 2015 and didn't know they could rap/sing until when only fooling around with beats and decided to record a track to see how it would sound. Little did they know people were going to love it which pushed them to record more tunes and start playing live. 
This is their first EP named 'Days Before The Blue Print'. Each of those tracks says or spreads out a different message. Working first on the music and beats before adding their words, they hope to bring something fresh and new to their favorite type of music! Enjoy!

Crew members :
Olu bhe is Proteej 
Lwandile Geya is Slavin
Khanyisa Zenzile is Kay
Zuhlume sigwabe is Kein

Digital release on the 24th of April 2020.

Track listing:

1: Intro (Days Before The Blue Print) 
2: Lumberjack
3: Dancin'
4: Outro (The Blue Print)

And on Bandcamp:

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