Friday, 26 March 2021

OVD044 : Pierre Vervloesem / Ruder


Cover art by Thierry Mondelaers

OVD044 : Pierre Vervloesem / Ruder

Ruder is the following of 'Rude' (see OVD010). 

'Rude' was originally recorded in 2005 in one day and only after one rehearsal with unknown musicians met only that day by Pierre. 

Ruder was recorded in the exact same tempo, only this time, due to Covid 19 and the extreme rudeness of the situation for musicians, there is no band...just Pierre!

7 ruder tracks then which demand a lot of courage to listen to as they are quite an experience and a journey. You'll be at the same time transported, energetic, questioning, open, closed, jumping, dancing and probably exhausted but thrilled and happy to have resisted till the end!

Digital release on the 26th ofMarch 2021.

Track listing:

1: Utograph
2: Varibotation
3: Phagoracismic
4: Puntagressism
5: Néobulism
6: Ternation
7: Nonagintism

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