Monday, 18 May 2020

ODG130 : MAMA HOPE / Space Cake

Cover art by Lucio Cavallari

ODG130 : MAMA HOPE / Space Cake

Amal Harbaoui and Lucio Cavallari are MAMA HOPE.

They formed in Italy the contemporary nu-r&B group, influenced by a far reaching array of musical genres and styles.

Amal derives her name from her Tunisian descent, her Arabic name means ‘Hope’.

Lucio, all-round artist, once worked as a chef in the tropical rainforest of Costa Rica. Wildlife, shamans and the jungle lifestyle impacts the way Lucio now lives in the present. Cooking every day the ‘best pasta ever’ earned him the surname of Lucio Mama. 

Just as you can trust a good cook, the music food of MAMA HOPE embraces you like a family recipe book.  

MAMA HOPE has an important meaning: Make-believe-love is real love, the fusion between maternal love and hope that produces further altruism.

MAMA HOPE sounds float through passages and ambient landscapes, dreamlike and full of electrical stimuli. Amal's vocals double, or return in a single deep dimension that touches your soul and heart.
Their musical influences are manifold and these are some of their artists to whom they refer: Hindi Zahra, Selah Sue, Y’Akoto, Fiona Apple, Miss Li, Liz Green and Erykah Badu.

With this first mini album, they offer you 7 profond and intense songs to excite your soul and emotions! Enjoy!

Amal and Lucio

A video for Space Cake:

All music written by Lucio Mama except 'A Hope' written with Riccardo Belluto Leccese.
Lyrics: Amal Hope, Lucio Mama expect When Man enters Woman by Anne Sexton.

Digital release on the 18th of May 2020.

Track listing:

1) Adam Lullaby
2) Short
3) Amar C
4) Solar
5) Space Cake
6) A Hope
7) When Man Enters Woman (Bonus track)

And on Bandcamp:

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