Friday, 3 September 2021

ODG147 : Daniele Morelli - Matteo D'Ignazi / La Valigia Dei Sogni


Cover art by Jesús Godinez - Pic by Daniele Morelli

ODG147 : Daniele Morelli - Matteo D'Ignazi / La Valigia Dei Sogni

"La Valigia Dei Sogni" sees the return of Daniele Morelli (see also ODG047 and OVX004) on guitars, this time in a simple duo with Matteo D'Ignazi on drums for 17 perfect jazzy cool tracks. Simplicity and efficacy at best! 

Each composition has a specific personality, each theme has a different mood or is a perfect little story that you can imagine put in music.
The careful arrangement of the guitars, the use of effects and the mix of drums and percussion accentuate the texture of the themes.
The drums are at times discret, at time powerful while the guitar turns around the beat with grace and subtlety...Jazz but not only, cool but not only!

Daniele and Matteo have been playing together since they were children. Daniele's guitars were recorded in a remote place in Mexico where he lives and sent to Italy where Matteo added his drums and is the result of two musicians who know each other in details.

Danielle - pic by Anny Zuñiga

All tracks are composed by Daniele Morelli except Kala by Matteo D'Ignazi and Los Mixes by Tomàs Vargas Gris.
Mixed and mastered by Daniele Pistocchi.


Calendario effímero:

Digital release on the 3rd of September 2021.

Track listing:

1: La valigia dei sogni
2: Profili notturni
3: Agguato
4: Cactus e sale
5: Tochtli
6: Calendario effimero
7: La Colonia dell'immaginazione
8: Porte aperte
9: Kumantuk
10: El Santo
11: Illuminescenze
12: Kala - Kalimba
13: Quando apro gli occhi
14: Gocce di anima
15: Los Mixes
16: Occhi di puma
17: Zopilotes

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