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OVX015 : Yusuke Koroyasu / Vexations Vol.15


Cover art by A.L.

OVX015 : Yusuke Koroyasu / Vexations Vol.15

What Yusuke says about his proposal:

"What is repetition?"
The same melody is repeated 840 times in Vexations, and in this project, 21 different artists will share 40 times each. What does it mean to repeat something over and over again? Especially since I compose using a computer (DTM), I cannot understand the subjective change of mind through the repetition of the performance as other performers can.

In my composition, I was reminded of the times when I was taken skiing as a child. I rolled a small lump of snow off the top of the hill and it got a little bigger with snow dust around it. I rolled it again from the top of the hill, and by repeating this over and over again, I made a big snowman. My joy was short-lived, and I couldn't take the big snowman home, so I had no choice but to put the small lump of snow in my pocket and take it home. Of course, it melted and disappeared in the car on the way home. The important thing to remember here is that the small lump of snow at the beginning and the one I brought back at the end are two completely different things. The latter is filled with my efforts, memories, and much more.

Now, on this note, let's think about what "repetition" can do for us. If we gradually flesh out an object by repeating our initial action on it, when we observe something similar to the original object again, we get a different impression than when we first saw it. I think this is what happens.
In my composition, the basic melody of Vexations is played first, and then the music is built up by multiple instruments. How does it sound to you when the melody is repeated and strengthened, and finally when the original melody is replayed?"


Yusuke Koroyasu is a student at the University of Tsukuba, bachelor of informatics, college of media arts, science, and technology. 
He is involved in various aspects of acoustics, including scientific research, electronic music, sound installation, and contemporary art and  is a member of "TParty", a collective of students who work and create using cutting edge technologies.
About his work in general:
"My artwork gives viewers an opportunity to reconsider familiar objects from a different perspective by providing them with stimulating experiences such as sound and light. It is like learning about the force of gravity after playing on a trampoline."
Home Page:


 筑波大学情報学群情報メディア創成学類在学。音響学に対して科学研究、電子音楽、サウンドインスタレーション 、現代芸術など様々な視点から取り組む。テクノロジーを中心とした制作活動をおこなう学生によるコレクティブ"TParty"のメンバー。

Bandcamp only release on the 3rd of September 2021.

Track listing:

40x Vexations - Repetitions on computer

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