Friday, 17 September 2021

OPV016 : Pierre Vervloesem / Pierre Vervloesem's Flambant Neuf


Cover art by Thierry Mondelaers

OPV016 : Pierre Vervloesem / Pierre Vervloesem's Flambant Neuf

Pierre Vervloesem's Flambant Neuf is the return of Pierre in a quintet format. Surrounded by some of the best Belgian musicians with whom he shared music already in various bands ( Bruno Vansina band, Flat Earth Society, Pierre Vervloesem Group...), Pierre allowed everyone to add what they wanted on his tracks then mixed the music to a grand spectacle which reminds various styles but with a definitive modern and vigorous joy behind them! Enjoy!
Teun Verbruggen : DrumsFalk Schrauwen : Percussions  

Thomas Mayade : Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Baryton Bb, Keyboard
Bruno Vansina : Saxes, Keyboard, Xun
Pierre Vervloesem : Bass, Guitar, General view

Drums and bass recorded at La Grange by Jean-Pierre Jonckheere
Bruno Vansina recorded by Bruno Vansina
Thomas Mayade recorded by Thomas Mayade
Composed by everyone
Mixed and mastered by Pierre Vervloesem
Thanks to Bernard Moucheron
Cover art Thierry Mondelaers

Physical and digital release on the 17th of September 2021.

Track listing:

1: Route 65
2: Muchongoyo
3: Grand Outlandish Hotel
4: Exmoor Horn
5: Rigor Mortis
6: Dacron Dream
7: You're in My Way
8: Chinese Facelift

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