Friday 9 November 2018

ODG091 : Solomon Kimrey / Things That Grow

Cover art by Solomon Kimrey

ODG091 : Solomon Kimrey / Things That Grow

Solomon Kimrey is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Chicago. 
After playing in bands around the city for a number of years as a bassist, he began to record and self-release various EPs and singles. 
The first of these releases centered on bass focused compositions, found sounds, and synthesis. Each work following brings together these elements and various other structures and approaches. 
The latest and coming entries have been focused on doing so via electronic composition, with the intent of generating personally effective music which encourages listeners to occupy distinct head-spaces, be they more downbeat and atmospheric, or upbeat and present.

German review in Jazz'halo here

Solomon, pic by Zachary Lee

Digital release on the 9th of November 2018.

Track listing:

1: Things We Say
2: Diving
3: Trees
4: This, That, and the Other
5: Heavy Thoughts
6: Curiosity

And in Bandcamp:

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