Friday 16 November 2018

OAR003 : Michel D / Psychoative Itch

Cover art by Stephan Barbery from a Michel selfie

OAR003 : Michel D / Psychoative Itch

Michel Duyck (aka Michel D) was a Brussels based guitarist actif in many bands and experimental oufits. 
Started in the 70ties and played among others in X-Pulsion, Digital Dance, Gamial Trio and formed The Joint Between with Gabriel Séverin in the late 90ties which became Babils later. 

Psychoactive Itch was recorded on a 2 tracks tape machine, using at times cigarette paper to obstruct parts of the machine in order to make dubbing possible! Some crazy and lengthy work from a fabulously crazy musician. It shows his non stop creativeness with only a guitar, a rhythm box and a few effects. 

Originally released as a C30 cassette tape number K005 in 1983 on the Stephan Barbery 's label Camera Obscura (see all discography here).

The fabulous Michel D

Remastered for your pleasure by Pierre Vervloesem.

Digital release on the 16th of November 2018.

Track listing:

1: P1
2: P2
3: P3
4: P4
5: P5
6: P6
7: P7
8: P8
9: P9
10: P10
11: P11
12: P12
13: P13
14: P14
15: P15
16: P16
17: P17

Bandcamp only release:

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