Friday, 13 March 2020

OUC025 : Kostas Boukouvalas / Memories from a Sea View

Cover art by Kostas Boukouvalas

OUC025 : Kostas Boukouvalas / Memories from a Sea View

Kostas Boukouvalas is a Greek composer and pianist based in Athens.
Amateur theatre performances, short films, commercials, as well as school plays have been accompanied by his music. He has also been a member of art and electronic music groups from time to time.

In December 2011 he released his first personal recording “Few notes are enough to change the world”.
In 2016 he founded the ensemble “The Last of the Romantics”, with which he presents his music in various art venues in Athens.
In 2018 he composed the music for the “YOYO” Erasmus+ European Project (Educational Yoga for the YOLO Generation).

Memories From a Sea View” was composed during his one year stay in Crete. 
The savage and mystical environment of this beautiful Greek island exerted a big influence on him and inspired him to compose music significantly different from anything he had composed until then. “Memories” are 12 minimal-neoclassical-ambient pieces originally written for solo piano. He made the arrangements a few years later back in Athens with the purpose to capture and retain the unique mood that this magic place created for him.  


All compositions and arrangements by Kostas Boukouvalas 
Kostas Boukouvalas: piano, synth, various samples, electronics, field recordings.
Stathis Apostolopoulos: acoustic and electric guitars
Matthew Dakoutros: violin

Memory Waves:

Digital release on the 13th of March 2020.

Track listing:

1: Star Dance
2: Imprisoned in a Dream
3: Sand Paintings
4: Listening to Bach on the Beach
5: Memory Waves
6: A Little Cancer Attacks
7: Sea & Sky Mating
8: Far Away but Still Here
9: Beach Party Echoes
10: Zorba's Gaze
11: Requiem for a Moment
12: The Irreversibility of Time

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Congratulations Kosta! Next stop is the itunes store :)
Now that your dream came true, its time to prepare for your next dream. Let's hear it...