Friday, 27 March 2020

OUC027 : Synapses / Introduction

Covert art by Mathilde Viot

OUC027 : Synapses / Introduction

Synapses is a Brussel based motley duo focusing on instant composition. 
By means of a sound sculpture, flute, imaginary language and electronics, they create a spontaneous music where classic, noise and ambient coexist to create an hypnotic language.
The musical sculpture of Christophe brings the element of force and noise while the flute of Line adds some lightness and melodies and her lyrics and spasms add the mystery and beauty for an intriguing and beautiful result.

A intriguing video for Seveneï Taïs:

And them performing live:

Christophe Grout: sound sculpture, revox, electronics
Line Daenen: flute, voice, electronics
Cédric Plisnier: Mix and mastering
Rudy Romanowsky: music sculpture designer - builder

 Christophe and Line

Digital release on the 27th of March 2020.

Track listing:

1: Introduction
2: Seveneï Taïs
3: Breathless
4: Extension
5: Intro a Gabrielu
6: Gabrielu

And on Bandcamp:

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