Friday, 31 July 2020

OAS012 : Nekroma / This Is Not Another Love Song

Cover art by Su Nan

OAS012 : Nekroma / This Is Not Another Love Song

Nekroma is an experimental post doom quartet based in Beijing (bio). 

While the group began as a collaboration between the bands Nakoma and the GUIGUISUISUI (see OAS001 and OAS010), Nekroma has taken on its style and identity distinct from the two bands that forged it. 
Drawing on a range of influences from all over the globe Nekroma utilizes vocals, skateboard guitar, drums, bass, electronic samples, and synths to create a backdrop for twisted fairy tales and Lovecraftian fantasies.

Live they mix theatricality akin to a silent horror film with digital painting created in real time using the groundbreaking Tagtool app and projected over the band, creating a feedback loop between sight and sound. Nekroma beckons.

Dann Gaymer: Diddly Board, lapsteel guitar, vocals, synth 
Su Nan: vocals, synth, percussion 
Nico Mazzei: bass, synth, percussion 
Linda Westman: drums on 'Introduction', 'The Tower', 'Interlude', 'Hemlock'
Kris Ruiz: drums on 'Oss', 'Krankenwagen', 'The Ocean of Eyes', 'A Whisper in the Void' 
Rudi Botes:  cello on 'Krankenwagen', 'The Ocean of Eyes', 'Hidden Passage'

All songs written Nekroma.

'Introduction', 'The Tower', 'Interlude'  'Hemlock' recorded at Fuda (Beijing, China) and Golddust Studios (Bromley, England).
Mixed and mastered by Shen at Ran Music (Beijing, China).

'Oss', 'Krankenwagen', 'The Ocean of Eyes' recorded by Wayne Riley at (Beijing, China) and Hyenaz HQ (Berlin, Germany).
Mixed and mastered by Tyron Naude (Beijing, China).

'Hidden Passage' recorded live at DDC  (Beijing, China).
'A Whisper in the Void' recorded live at 一场 Impromptu Cafe (Beijing, China).

The Ocean of Eyes:

Digital release on the 31st of July 2020.

Track listing:

1: Introduction
2: Oss
3: Krankenwagen
4: The Tower
5: Interlude
6: Hemlock
7: The Ocean of Eyes
8: Hidden Passage (Live)
9: A Whisper to The Void

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Arun said...

I mostly listen to Indian music genres but recently I have taken an interest in western classical. This is absolutely great. I loved listening to all the songs. Wishing you all the best and hope your music gets into top charts. Music has always been a part of my life.