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OAS010 : GUIGUISUISUI / Charon (The remixes)

Cover art by Nan Guazi

OAS010 : GUIGUISUISUI / Charon (The remixes)

Second release from this duo based in Beijing (see OAS001).

Charon blends minimal wave synths, trip hop beats, and shoe gaze guitars with samples of traditional Chinese instruments such as the pipa and guzheng, and whispered poetry juxtaposed against Chinese opera vocalisations, all mixing together to create an art rock crossover between East and West, the traditional and the contemporary. Each of the tracks can stand alone or fit together to tell a story with lyrics that reflect upon Chinese mythology relating to the red spider lily, which are described in translations of ancient texts as flowers that grow in hell and guide the souls of the dead along the path to reincarnation. Meanwhile the title of the EP borrows the moniker of the ferryman of hades, who serves a similar purpose in Greek mythology in helping lost souls journey through the afterlife. 

The EP itself came about after Guiguisuisui had been touring their Shining Soundscape show for three months in Europe and China. As a consequence the band chose to create a record that fit this performance: flowing and layered, rooted in traditions but progressive at the same time, and something that could be presented as a story along with live artwork and performance. Created in a matter of weeks, the band chose to self record and produce the EP in an effort to not overthink the pieces, but rather to preserve the raw inspiration and improvisations, evident in not only the music but the visual accompaniment also. 

The remixes of the EP came about as a result of the subsequent Charon tour through China and SE Asia in January/February 2019 in support of the EP. The artists featured are individuals Guiguisuisui met, played with, and collaborated with on their adventures. 

They include:
Lastboss (Zhuhai, China)
Tyz (Beijing, China)
Rudi Botes (Beijing, China)
thruoutin (Beijing, China)
ZAch (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
No Shore (Siem Reap, Cambodia)
Ethereal Void (Bangkok, Thailand)
Ninjablade (Tianjin, China)

Vocals by Nan Guazi. 
Guitars, bass, vocals, synths, samples, and programming by Guigui. 
Pipa and guzheng by Gao Haiyan. 

All songs written by Guiguisuisui.
Recorded at Daftpop Studios and Xiao Music Club, Beijing, China. 
Mastered by Brad M.Seippel at Brevity of Motion Sourds, Beijing, China (2019).
Artwork by Nan Guazi.

Silent Fire video:

Digital release on the 2nd of August 2019.

Track listing:

1. The Last Bloom (Lastboss 90's Drummer Remix)
2. Glacier Heart (thruourin Remix)
3. A Thousand Years (Tyz Remix)
4. Glacier Heart (Rudi Botes Remix)
5. Nameless Place (Minimal Zach Remix)
6 .Heavy Eyes (No Shore Remix)
7. Nameless Place (Ninjablade)
8. Glacier Heart (Ethereal Void Remix)

A Bandcamp only release:

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