Thursday, 15 September 2016

ODG059 : Benjamin Lew - Alinovsky - Yoshiko Sato / Dates encore et toujours ( only on Bandcamp!!!)

Cover art by A.L.

ODG059 : Benjamin Lew - Alinovsky - Yoshiko Sato / Dates encore et toujours

Improvised background music recorded live for a lecture of a one year news resume of drawings, industries shiftings and cemeteries depravations all over Europe in 2005. Amazingly (or not) the news from that time seem to be exactly the ones we are listening on radios in 2016... 10 years and still the same stories again and again and again.

The music was played by Benjamin Lew (seeODG004bio) on electronics, Alinovsky on keys and (from Ictus ensemble) Yoshiko Sato on violin. 
The place was the wonderful theatre La Belonne in the center of Bruxelles. 
Male voices by Pietro Pizutti and Paul Hermant, female voice by Pascale Tison. 
Text by Paul Hermant. from his books ‘Naufragés’ / ‘Profanés’ / ‘Délocalisés’.
More info for the books @ Causes Communes:

Alinovsky and Benjamin


Pascale and Pietro


Digital release on the 16th of September 2016.

Track title:

1) Dates (17 minutes)

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