Thursday 1 September 2016

OJP014 : Junya Koketsu / Guitar of Junya Koketsu - Best of

Cover art by Junya Koketsu

OJP014 : Junya Koketsu / Guitar of Junya Koketsu

Second release from Junya in the Japanese series is a best of he released in 2012.
Junya Koketsu is one of the most prolific Japanese guitar player having recorded a dozen albums. 
This time, the best-of is a collection of experimental improvisations recorded on the spot. 
No re recording or overdubs, just plug and play. Going from psychedelic to drone to alternatif rock to experimental... His creativeness is infinite...Enjoy!

Digital release on the 2nd of September 2016.
Track listing:

01 Tranced Oscillation
02 Trident
03 Trippin
04 Floatage
05 Reg
06 Modest
07 Experimental Guitar (New Song)
08 Data
09 Peep (New Song)
10 Peaker Eye
11 Ambient Space Swell
12 Cold Sleep (New Song)
13 In The Studio (New Song)
14 Salvia (New Song) 

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