Friday, 21 December 2018

OAR005 : Orient & Mécanique / Orient & Mécanique

Cover art by Stephan Barbery

OAR005 : Orient & Mécanique / Orient & Mécanique 

Originally formed as a duo with Benjamin Lew (see OAR002), this cassette sees only Robert Leff playing almost everything, except for the basses on 2 tracks played by his friends and co members of Digital Dance and Instead Of (see OAR001): Tvic on Taipei and Sakhaline and Stephan Barbery on Hanoï. 

Robert Leff was coming back from a long trip in Asia and was already very much in love with far east Asia, Japan and Korea. 
This inspired him to do a cassette entirely dedicated to those countries. 
The cassette was recorded at home using a 4 tracks recorder, mixed by Robert and Stephan and released on the Stephan cassette label Camera Obscura as K007 in 1984. 50 cassettes were dubbed and packed in a very special and complex cardboard box handmade by Stephan. 


 Inside bottom

 Inside top

 Complete top packaging

It has been remastered by Pierre Vervloesem and his presented as the original 2 sides: face A and Face B.

Digital release on the 21st of December 2018.

Track listing:

A side: Tokyo - Seoul - Taïpei - Sakhaline - Karatchi
B side: Hanoï - Kaboul

Bandcamp only release:

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