Monday, 24 December 2018

"Ata ndele mokili ekobaluka / Sooner or later the world will change" !

"Ata ndele mokili ekobaluka / Sooner or later the world will change" ! 

RDC elections are coming next week...or is it really? A perfect time to release a video from 'Ata Ndele' a song by Adou Elenga revisited by Didan et Petit Pierre.

Musical direction : Toms Ntale. Video direction : Marco Zagaglia.
Thanks to Ken Ndiaye (Horloge du Sud). Production : DJeromebosch.
The song is taken out of the OMT003 here.

"Ata Ndele": Didan Dibwidi (tenor saxophone), Pierre Monongi Mopia (rhythm guitar), Malage De Lugendo (vocals), Muki Muindila (trumpet), Alonzo Nzau (percussion) and Toms Ntale (guitars and musical direction). Established in Belgium, the group is composed of renowned artists who played in several legendary Congolese orchestras (Franco & TP OK Jazz, Vevé de Verckys, Zaiko Langa Langa, Dizzy Mandjeku, etc.)

"Ata ndele mokili ekobaluka / Sooner or later the world will change".
Composed and performed in Lingala by Adou Elenga in 1954, the song "Ata Ndele" marked the history of Congolese rumba and African independence.
This prophetic message addressed at the time to the Belgian colonial power has since gained international relevance in the fight constantly renewed against the law of the strongest.
Like Woody Guthrie or Bob Marley, Adou Elenga has written a timeless hymn that calls for the right of all.
This desire for profound change is still there and it is spreading all over our planet.
"Adou, take your guitar that we can sing: Ata Ndele!"

"Ata ndele mokili ekobaluka / Tôt ou tard le monde va changer". 
Composée et interprétée en lingala par Adou Elenga en 1954, la chanson "Ata Ndele" a marqué l'histoire de la rumba congolaise et des indépendances africaines. 
Ce message prophétique adressé à l'époque au pouvoir colonial belge a gagné depuis une pertinence internationale dans le combat sans cesse renouvelé contre la loi du plus fort.
A l'instar de Woody Guthrie ou Bob Marley, Adou Elenga a écrit un hymne intemporel qui appelle au droit pour tous.
Ce désir de profond changement est toujours là et il se répand sur toute notre planète.
" Adou, prends ta guitare que nous puissions chanter : Ata Ndele! "

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