Thursday, 6 February 2020

OVD030 : Caca 2020 / Sketches of Pain

Covert art by A.L., pic by Pierre Vervloesem

OVD030 : Caca 2020 / Sketches of Pain

Released originally in 2010 (see ORT001), Pierre thought that it would be fun and exciting to re release a new version of the Album Sketches of Pain for its tenth anniversary! 
There you are with Caca 2020 completely remixed and remastered and with 3 bonus tracks never released on the first version. 
It's more fun, more powerful, more's Caca 2020!!!

The band Caca in 2010!

And the original text of the release then:

"Caca is the new band of Pierre Vervloesem.
This new megalo delirious adventure is based on second degree, starting by the name of the band which, quoting Pierre, has nothing to do with scatology.
Here, he renews his taste for big formations like he did with X-Legged Saly or still does with Flat Earth Society.
With Caca, he signs a very interesting parody of Jazz working with two noisy quartets.
The first one being guitar, bass, drums and keyboard while the second being alto, tenor, baritone and bass saxes.
The composing is without concession, like a rock, sometime out of tune, but ultimately ultra melodic and reaching at times some of the best John Barry ambiances.
Most of the musicians on the album (and live) are coming from the Jazz scene, which is also kind of fun for Pierre.
The music is an heritage from the New-york scene from the 70-80ties but has an instant modern echo which makes you want to move your frets on it!"

Original cover

Digital release on the 6th of February 2020.

Track listing:

1: Exposé 2020
2: Brajil 2020
3: Nancy 2020
4: Twist 2020
5: Blue 2020 - Bonus track
6: Sweet 2020
7: Dick Dogs 2020 - Bonus track
8: Strav 2020
9: Abracadabra 2020
10: Jelly 2020
11: Johnny 2020 - Bonus track
12: Wobbling 2020
13: Zgrol 2020
14: Koyaanisqaqatsi 2020

For an obscure reason, the album is not available on Itunes or Spotify, but you can listen to it and buy it on Pierre's Bandcamp page here:

Or in all the other usual digital providers here:

And you can still buy the original cd here:


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