Friday 5 April 2024

OUI031 : Eric Petzoldt - Joshua Weitzel / Post Factual Bop


Cover art by Luis Krummenacher

OUI031 : Eric Petzoldt - Joshua Weitzel / Post Factual Bop

Eric Petzoldt and Joshua Weitzel – both from Kassel, Germany – work together since 2011. Post Factual Bop is their first duo release, combining influences from electro-acoustic music, punk rock, Jazz, and Moroccan music. 

Improviser-composer-songwriter Eric Petzoldt is a musician and scholar, who interrogates the guitar and saxophone in various formats and contexts in Europe and North Africa. His academic work concentrates on the critique of interculturalism, cultural diplomacy, and jazz. He lives in Kassel and in  Rabat, Morocco. 

The work of Joshua Weitzel is based on a social understanding of art and encompasses Improvisation, electro-acoustic and experimental composition, installation art, jazz, inter-media projects, curating and art mediation. He is a member of the groups Takatsuki Trio Quartett and Tan Bone and has participated in numerous releases, concerts and exhibitions in Germany and abroad. 

Eric Petzoldt – Tenor Sax, Flute, Oud 
Joshua Weitzel – Guitar, Analog Synthesizer, Shamisen, Sampling 
Recorded in Kassel and Lohfelden, 2023. 
Mixed and Mastered by Joshua Weitzel. 

All Music by Joshua Weitzel (GEMA) and Eric Petzoldt.

Digital release on the 5th of April 2024.

Track listing:

1: Souk de Wehlheiden
2: Acknowledge the Niche
3: Obey the Lawn
4: Soft Bop
5: Synthi Bop
6: Wack Work
7: Swing in X
8: Cultural Musicology

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