Friday, 26 February 2021

OVD043 : Pierre Vervloesem / Tâla Shit


Cover art by A.L.

OVD043 : Pierre Vervloesem / Tâla Shit

Once again, Pierre goes for more originality...and an extremely tough exercice! 

This time he has composed 8 tracks based on the Indian tâla.

A tâla literally means a "clap, tapping one's hand on one's arm, a musical measure". It is the term used in Indian classical music to refer to musical meter, that is any rhythmic beat or strike that measures musical time. The measure is typically established by hand clapping, waving, touching fingers on thigh or the other hand, verbally, striking of small cymbals, or a percussion instrument in the Indian subcontinental traditions. Along with raaga which forms the fabric of a melodic structure, the taala forms the life cycle and thereby constitutes one of the two foundational elements of Indian music. 

Each title track is followed by the tâlas number he used to compose the track... 

A crazy exercice but a beautiful result of a mix between Pierre complex music writing and India!

An example of how to count Tala

A good reference for Tāla explanation with lots of different counting here.

Digital release on the 26th of February 2021.

Track listing:

1: Impractical Packaging (13)
2: Desperate Rhythms (11)
3: Stuffed Cabbage (7-5)
4: Constant Pain in the Face (4-5-6-7-7)
5: Dig up Gingerbread (4-3-5-3-5-7)
6: Eel Mucus Under My Shoes (3-4-3-4-5)
7: Danish Giant with Velcro Skin (3-4-4-3-7)
8: Tâla Shit (4-3-4-3-4-2-2-5-7)

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