Tuesday, 5 January 2021

OUW013 : Myroslava Kuts / Sleep Disorders

Cover art by Florian Tripoteau

OUW013 : Myroslava Kuts / Sleep Disorders

Myroslava Kuts (UA/FR) is a Sound Designer and a Sociologist.

She holds a MA in Sociology, specialized in sociological research and human subject

experiment. Her main experience stands in the creation of artistic projects which combine art, science and technology.

She explores above all the sleeping process and brain-related topics from the neuroscientific and the cognitive science perspectives. Her primar question is how to recreate the atmosphere of sleep operating at the nexus of sound, neuroscience and design. 

To create soundscapes Myroslava relays on the brain data (collected directly for the project or gathered from the research) and reproduces it into audio pieces by using multiple levels of ambience structures, static noises, high frequencies, recordings of voices and environments.

As a sociologist she is attracted to the subject of perception and routine process and she uses methods of sociological research to study it.

About the album:

While sleep itself is a top priority function for an organism, sleep disorder is a mistake in the brain performance. And this error can be described in two ways. It can be documented and measured scientifically using electroencephalography and other neuroscientific tools in order to get objective and reliable, thus ‘real’, information. 

The other way comes from mythology, religion and perception, the truth of oneself, the impression of a witness, an unprovable personal experience, a ‘sensation’.

Soundscapes consist of the sound and narrative, and bring up both the feeling/atmosphere of the sleep disorder along with its proven/verified neuroscientific description. 

The sound texture tends to repeat the malfunctioning brain activity. While the narrative usually emphasises the behavioral or perceptual aspect.

Each instrument is created separately out of the narrative pieces, field recordings, modulated feedback loops.

A video for SLEEPWALKING made in collaboration with Nimova Projekct (site):

Please visit her site for more info HERE.


Bandcamp only digital release on the 5th of January 2021.

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