Friday, 24 May 2019

ODG104 : Silsila / Silsila

Cover art by Tereza Veselkova

ODG104 : Silsila / Silsila

Silsila is a music making collective based in an independent studio at the side of the Jeseníky Mountains, in the Czech Republic, close to the Polish border.

The project draws in a diverse group of Czech musicians, each active in the Czech indie scene in their own way, to contribute to songs written by UK born artist, Darren Eve.
The project started when the studio was set up, with people just being around at the right time when something was being recorded. After a few months it had bloomed into a project just itching to arrange itself into an album.


"Silsila is a very rewarding and interesting project for the listener. Where else could you find slavic experimental jazz influences popping up above the surface of soulful English balladry in the form of compact, poetic pop vignettes?
Presented here is a delicate creature of an album with elements of soul, jazz, pop and electro, suffused with a diy ethos and a moody isolation. There is a rhythmic swagger throughout, happy to veer off the beat and bubble away but the overall mood is contemplative, yearning and emotionally complex. Thouroughly enjoyed it." - Jack Wawrzyn 

A video for 'Allumettes' :

and a live version of 'To the Harbour's End and Back Again' :

Line up

Darren Eve - writing, vocals, guitars, flute, keys, percussion
Jiří Křesina - saxophone
David Patera - guitars, keys, arrangements
Vendula Pukyšová - bass guitar
Miloš Rais  - drum kit
Nikos Mistakidis - drum kit
Andrew Wooten - arrangement assistance
Jiří Sládek  - sound design
Simon Kaye - mastering

Digital release on the 24th of May 2019.

Track listing:

1. Lie to Me
2. Mint Tea
3. A Winter Sun
4. Crusher
5. The Key
6. 8 dotted I's
7. Allumettes
8. Adrian
9. Just the Way
10. To the Harbour's End and Back Again

And on Bandcamp:

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