Friday, 12 July 2019

ODG109 : Sonido Amazonico / 250µg

Cover art by Jordan Bruner

ODG109 : Sonido Amazonico / 250µg

Sonido Amazonico are an electro free jazz Italian band from Modena, formed in 2018.

The band consists of Lucio Cavallari (electronic and synth) and Matteo Pellegrini (bass, loopstation).
The music of Sonido Amazonico interweave sound suggestions originating from different parts and cultures throughout the world.

Lucio and Matteo mixe tablas, ethnic percussions, autochthonous sounds from the tropical rainforest, echos from North Africa reworked live with loops, electronics, calypso rhythms, rumba and experimental electro to produce a contemporary lounge / trip-hop album.

Their first Album 250μg was conceived and realised in four nights. New Zealander Josh Buckler added his plastic clarinet later to give more density to the final mix.

The purpose of the band Sonido Amazonico is to create soundtracks for movies, theatrical representations, audio-video shows and video games.

Sonido Amazonico is:
Lucio Cavallari and Matteo Pellegrini

Lucio Cavallari: CPU, Synth, Electronics, Bass
Matteo Pellegrini: Bass, Guitar 
Josh Buckler: Plastic Clarinet on track 3-4-5-7
Additional guitar on Amazonico: Xeno Meersohn

Mixing: Sonido Amazonico
Mastering: Sonido Amazonico
Recorded at Mushroom Studio, Modena - Italy
Artwork: Jordan Bruner
Layout: Sonido Amazonico

Digital release on the 12th of July 2019.

Track listing:

01 - Aria 1120_17 
02 - Amazonico
03 - Prima
04 - Pasta Vuota
05 - Africa
06 - Cristallo
07 - Sonido

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