Friday, 26 April 2019

ODG102 : Earl Van Scandal / The Ballad of Joe Wuss

Covert art by Silas Plum

ODG102 : Earl Van Scandal : The Ballad of Joe Wuss

Earl Van Scandal lived for a few nocturnal years in the early 2000's. 
Each piece intentionally resists resolution, withholding that satisfaction in an attempt to unsettle.

"The Ballad of Joe Wuss" is the instrumental story of a fearful man, unwilling or unable to move past his point of comfort. It is claustrophobic, with occasional glimpses of the glorious outside world. Every song expresses a distinct feeling, known or unknown, but even lacking labels should identifiable by the human heart. 

Mr. Van Scandal has since passed from this place, but these remain. 
26 pieces of electronica, minimal techno, contemporary unclassical, experimental disco and more make the soundtrack of this ballad. Enjoy.

Zach Witt aka Earl Van Scandal

Zach Witt tend to make art and music under pseudonyms. His main job is as a visual artist, which is where all the paintings and album art comes from under the Silas Plum name. Zach lives a simple life in a small town in Virginia.  Born and raised there, moved away for a while, came back. Art and music are most of what he cares about. He writes as well, short stories mostly, some long form. Not big on personal details, really. He likes to create biographies for his musical counterparts. The truth behind Earl Van Scandal is he was spending a lot of time alone, getting over a serious relationship and whenever an emotion got too intense, he would work on something. It helped greatly and the songs from ‘The Ballad of Joe Wuss’ are the result of that.

Digital release on the 26th of April 2019.

Track listing:

1: 1 / 3 Piano
2: 4:30
3: Antlers
4: Bronchus
5: Cancelled
6: Demons
7: Donne
8: Drumless
9: Exploding Arms
10: Goose
11: Headphones
12: Iron Matches
13: Kettle
14: La Boca Esta Serrado
15: Maze
16: Mineshaft
17: Monkey Face
18: Monkfish
19: Newt Life
20: Orangutan
21: Pigmeat Markham
22: Red Rudolph
23: Saint Nick the 20th
24: Silky Matches
25: Ten Gremlin Shuffle
26: Windy

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