Friday, 8 July 2022

OUC040 : Mathieu Babinot / Requiem


Cover art by Mathieu Babinot

OUC040 : Mathieu Babinot / Requiem

New album for French composer Mathieu Babinot (see also ODG124 and ODG141).

What he says about it:

'For me this album is not an album about mourning but more a retrospection on what sensorially could await us on the other side. It's like an inner journey on this great unknown, like a reflection of our fragile nature as human beings.

To write this album I based myself on parts of classical Requiem including Mozart, Fauré, Wagner and Vivaldi. I used them as a sound base by modifying them and then I added my own instruments and musical parts.'

Digital release on the 8th of July 2022.

Track listing:

1: Humatio (the burial)
2: Tenebris descensus (Dark Descent)
3: Gravibus ostium (Heavy gate)
4: Iudicium (The Judgment)
5: Lux (The Light)

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