Friday, 7 June 2019

OVD026 / Manu Ribot / Future from the Past

Cover art by Manu Ribot

OVD026 : Manu Ribot / Future from the Past

Second solo album from Manu Ribot (The Claude Zac Ensemble in OBX001, see also OPV011) completely self recorded and mixed at his home. 

'Future From The Past' has been inspired by the Star Trek universe (from the Original series to Voyager) and his unique and bright vision of the Future, the space travels, the attitude towards alien species where difference is the norm, all of those through real science fiction stories.
It obviously includes pasteboard rocks on an alien planet with purple sky, wool based spacial anomalies, ornythoid life forms pupets on strings dying in fumes, outdoor scenes filmed in the same places as Zorro but in color, constant electronic background soundscape, and above all, those exotic spacial musics created by genius composers but played by musicians that no one forgot the names because nobody knew who they where on this side of the ocean and into present time frame.

Songs like 'NCC-1701' or 'Bolian Blues' remind us of Les Baxter and co but then 'Photonic Daydream', 'A City On The Edge Of Forever' or 'Betazoïd Eyes' are really what you would expect from a 21st century lounge composer. 
This exquisite album will make you travel from era to era and brings you The Past with The Future during 44 minutes!

Excellent review in German in here

Manu 'muchwI' 'IH' Ribot

Digital release on the 7th of June 2019.

Track list:

1: NCC-1701
2: Bolian Blues
3: Koh-Nar
4: Photonic Daydream
5: A City on the Edge of Forever
6: Betazoïd Eyes
7: Ornithoid Life Form
8: Friendship One
9: Fascinating Anomaly
10: Warp 9
11: Erosene Winds

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