Friday, 19 August 2016

ODX011 : Kings of Belgium / Unchained Melodies - Très Fort

Cover art by A.L.

ODX011 : Kings of Belgium / Unchained Melodies - Très Fort

The two albums from one of the most powerful Belgian band finally available on one compilation. 
Still ahead of his time, still energetic like a mixture of metal, trance, dub, prog, math, atomic pop, you have OPV002 - Unchained Melodies and OPV006 - Très Fort !

With Gil Mortio and Pierre Vervloesem on guitars and basses on the two albums and Didier Fontaine on drums for Unchained Melodies and Morgan Ägren on drums for Très Fort!
Unlimited amazing music, unlimited fun!

original cover for Unchained Melodies

original cover for Très Fort

Digital release on the 19th of August 2016.

Track listing:

CD1: Unchained Melodies
1. AllAbout Boys Music
2. All About Incompetenz
3. All About Hippopotamtam
4. All About Pompeuze part 1
5. All About Pompeuze part 2
6. All About 1982
7. All About Caravans
8. All About Birds

CD2: Très Fort
1. Raz
2. Dangerous Gardening
3. Merry Calculations
4. Les Petits Métiers
5. Living Stone
6. All About Figure Skating
7. Aeolipile
8. Tuskegee Airmen
9. Space Bigotry
10. Ghost Driver
11. Escaped From Nivelles
12. Hua San
13. Fukushima Twist ( digital track release only)
14. Demi Molle de Politesse ( digital track release only)

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