Monday, 8 August 2016

Bandcamp news

Off has updated his bandcamp page.
You will now find the first Pierre Vervloesem, Blaine Reininger, Don ShtoneToshinori KondoColorlistColorlist remix,  Strings of ConsciousnessRobert Edwin and P.V.T.V.albums on Bandcamp for downloading.
They all come at a bargain price and is a nice alternative to Itunes and all (like all the other Bandcamp releases).
On the page, you will find also bonus tracks and different mixes from some albums.

The Blaine Reininger album comes with 2 bonuses never released before. They were intended to be on the album but finally put aside:

Don Shtone, comes with 4 bonus tracks never released before:

Pierre Vervloesem:



Toshinori Kondo:

El Topo:


Robert Edwin, comes with one bonus track never released on the original album:

Strings of Consciousness:


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