Thursday 4 August 2016

OJP011 : Kitsukawa Migaku - Shiki-Kyoka Ensemble / The Four Seasons of the Wind, Vol.1

Cover art by A.L.

OJP011 : Kitsukawa Migaku - Shiki-Kyoka Ensemble / The Four Seasons of the Wind, Vol.1

More classical than ambient , the first vol. of the four seasons by talented composer Kitsukawa Migaku is beautifully played by the Shiki-Kyoka ensemble. 
The trumpet player is no other than Tetsuroh Konishi (see OJP001 and OJP002) who recorded various trumpet ambient works with quite a lot of different musicians. 
Typically Japanese in the phrasing of mood, this music is the perfect companion for this summer!

"With the Shiki-Kyoka Ensemble, we made my favorite Japanese scenery music. I did this anthology mainly on different summers while travelling in superb sceneries. This was simply my way to compose the memory of a person with his summer impression, the summer impression of ancient times of Japan.
I composed three pieces: one for a trumpet and a piano, the second for a flute and a piano and the third jus for a solo piano.
I hope I succeeded in the way that listening to the music you will all feel the breeze of a typical Japanese summer surrounding you softly".

June 12,2016 - Migaku Kitsukawa

Tetsuroh KONISHI /Trumpet 
Tatsuki AMANO /Flute 
Azusa MORIKAWA /Piano

Migaku KITSUKAWA /Composer 

From left to right: Kitsukawa Migaku, Azusa Morikawa, Tatsuki Amano and Tetsuroh Konishi

A video of KAZAYUME:

Digital release on the 5th of August 2016.

Track listing:

A) Suite“The seasonal wind” for Ambient Trumpet and Piano Op.65(2015)
1 No.1:Early summer wind
2 No.2:Pastorale
3 No.3:Star Festival
4 Finale:Late summer wind

B) Suite“Memories of gone summer” for Flute and Piano Op.85(2016)
5 No.1:In the days of a young leave (comp.2016)
6 No.2:KOTO no NATSU(The Summer of ancient city(comp.2013/arr.2016)
7 No.3:Summer mist (comp.2010/arr.2016)

C) Suite“Lyrical piano Suite 《Japanese scenery in my memory》
No.1“When the summer wind blows ” for Piano solo Op.12(1999-2013)
8 No.1:Azure rain(comp.2000)
9 No.2:The summer of Tsukaike(comp.2004)
10 No.3:When the summer wind blows(comp.2001/2013)
11 No.4:KAZAYUME(Comp.2006)
12 No.5:While waiting for Autumn(Comp.1999)

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