Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Spotify / Deezer

Dear all, it's a pleasure to see that everyday there are more and more people either downloading, either going to listen to the Off music on Spotify or Deezer.
I just want to remind all of you that, though really excited to see people all over the world listening to various titles, the streamings on Spotify / Deezer give 0,002€ per listening. It means that Off gets 1€ every 500 streamings for one song. After paying the Author rights and the providers fees, Off gets around 0,60€. Which means around 0,30€ for the Artist...
The digital series ( and the rest of the catalogue) beeing at a bargain price, I suggest that if you really enjoy the music, you download once and for all the album or the track you like.
Nevertheless, for those who still want to just listen in streaming, feel of course free to do so!
I prefer to know that each day Off gives the pleasure of listening to great music to a big amount of people all over the world!
So whatever, you choose, enjoy the music!

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