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For physical releases:

If you want the real thing, you will find a BUY button linked to Paypal at the end of each cd presentation. 
You can also go on the Catalogue page and click on the cd you want to discover. You will find again the BUY button at the bottom of the page. 

Or go on the Shop page then just go to and order at: , just leave a comment with which cds you want.

For it's 10th anniversary, you can order 2 cds for the price of 15€!!!
You can choose any cds from OCD001 to OCD030 (except OCD024) or OPV001 to OPV011including worldwide shipping.
The box The C.K. Theory OBX001 is 15€ including worldwide shipping.
20€ for OBX001 + 1 cds from OCD or OPV series including worldwide shipping.
The rest of the catalogue comes at the normal price.
For 3 cds order, you will receive a free dvd of Lomahongva.
For 4 cds order, you will receive a free box The C.K. Theory OBX001 and a dvd of Lomahongva.


Also, the Off band camp will come with more and more titles at a price cheaper than the usual Itunes and all, so please, go for it! This will help the artists to make a better living than the 0,003$/€,£ they do with Spotify and all!

Don't forget to tell me which cds you want in the Paypal comment

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For digital releases:

If you want to download, click on any Bandcamp buttons under the OCD001 to OCD007. 
For the rest, just click on the name of the provider you want to buy from in each Believe player under the album you want to download or go to the Bandcamp page if you prefer
and download there in any format you like! 

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