Tuesday, 28 January 2014

ODG022 : They Call Me Mr. Fluff / Plastic People

                                                            Cover art by Lore Troch

ODG022 : They Call Me Mr. Fluff / Plastic People

'They Call Me Mr. Fluff' is a one-year-old instrumental trio with two guitars, drums, occasional synthezisers and samples.
With Londerzeel (situated between Brussels and Antwerp) as operating base, they tend to play some kind of kick-ass progressive violent electro-rock from outer space named zombie-beat, with an appetite for odd rhythms in unusual time signatures and complex but stunning harmonies. Nothing is unimaginable for these guys.
During the summer of 2013 they recorded their first EP 'Plastic People' at Pascal Snoeck's home studio in Ternat. The mixing and mastering was done by jedi master Pierre Vervloesem. The result makes us think of bands like 'Dub Trio' or 'Meshuggah', only differently.
Edger Van Rompaey : (bariton)guitar & synthesizers
Olivier Penu : drums & samples
Vitja Pauwels (also in Soldier Six, see OCD017 and  OCD030) : guitar & synthesizers 

One video:

Digital release only on the 31th of January 2014.

Track listing:

1) Rest Ur Dangerous You
2) Don't Tell Anyone
3) You Want It All
4) Moving Daylight
5) Hard Five
6) On a Sunny Day (She Left Me)
7) Cold-Eyed Death Stare

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