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OVD008 : Pierre Vervloesem / Pierre Vervloesem Plays John Barry (Remastered)

OVD008 : Pierre Vervloesem - Pierre Vervloesem Plays John Barry (Remastered)

Fifth in a chronological series of 11 digital only remastered releases (6 solo (5 augmented with bonuses, lives and remixes), 1 duo, 1 unreleased duo and 3 pots-pourris (with absolutely every tunes possible ever recorded by Pierre and never released)) and coming at the pace of one every month is the fabulous fourth solo album from Pierre Vervloesem: Pierre Vervloesem Plays John Barry (2002).

One of Vervloesem's main influences is revealed by a song on the 1994 release Home Made, consisting of one minute of silence in memory of Frank Zappa. But tellingly, the same album also contains a cover of John Barry's composition Ski chase, from the soundtrack of the James Bond film On her Majesty's Secret Service. In 2002, Vervloesem would finally release an entire album of John Barry covers.

Review by Dave Linch in All Music:
"Pierre Vervloesem tends to pile on the overdubs and studio manipulations, but the former X-Legged Sally guitarist is able to avoid bombastic overkill thanks to his impressive chops, startling arrangements, and wacky sense of humor. The Belgian axeman is a perfect candidate for interpreting the music of John Barry; Vervloesem recognizes that Barry's soundtracks are best approached by walking a fine line between compelling and camp. So, with tongue in cheek (and, as the front cover photo depicts, finger in mouth?) but with all due respect, Vervloesem and his company of avant-proggers tackle such gems as "Body Heat," "The Ipcress File," and, of course, a smattering of James Bond material. Worth the price of admission for perhaps the oddest version of "You Only Live Twice" ever made available for home listening (the vocal treatments suggest a very drunken chipmunk), Plays John Barry saves the best for last: the pounding medieval march of "Lion in Winter," complete with dizzying electronic effects, deep throbbing bass, ominous Latin chanting from Thierry Mondelaers, and Vervloesm's howling army of guitars. Elsewhere, Vervloesem's playing and arranging invite comparison to influences ranging from Dick Dale to Fred Frith and (of course) Frank Zappa, but the music remains 100 percent John Barry. It's a testament to Vervloesem's skill that he is able to capture the essence of Barry, finding both humor and drama in this classic soundtrack material without ever sinking to the level of mere parody."

Original cover art :

And Pierre at the time of the recording:

 Digital only release on the third of October 2014.

Track listing:

1) Adventurer
2) Danny Scipio
3) Body Heat
4) The Ipcress File
5) Until September
6) Diamonds Are Forever
7) Cutty Sark
8) All the Time in the World
9) Capsule in Space
10) Circus Circus
11) Whisperer
12) Vendetta
13) This Way Mary
14) You Only Live Twice
15) Like Waltz
16) Lion in Winter

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