Friday, 6 May 2016

OCD030/ODG051 : Soldier Six / Flesh Of A Trinity

Cover art by Jente Boone

OCD030/ODG051 : Soldier Six / Flesh Of A Trinity

'Flesh Of A Trinity' is the first EP after the band's full length 'Lost at Timekeeper's Gate' (See OCD017). 
For this EP they recorded at the MotorMusic Studio's in Belgium and worked together with the famous producer Pierre Vervloesem. Having grown musically in the past two years the EP sounds more confident and more energetic to achieve the essence of the pieces of music. 
Their musical taste has broadened as, for exemple, reflected in a piece like 'Thanks But No Thanks' where the band's leaning towards a post-pop/synth-like groove with sometimes even a nineties hip-hop feel. Also the presence of a lot more synths, vocal effects ('Evil Kids'), pedals and overall strange dirtiness shows the band's increasing sense for experiment. 
But still, the band strives continuously to grip you with lines and beats that push you as a listener towards the unexpected, though never letting you go, as is to hear in 'Guarantee After Self Destruction'. 
This time with 5 long compositions showing again their skill to sculpt amazing songs made of many different structures going from metal to math-rock to prog to mellow to dub to electronic and avant-rock! An explosion of sounds and music!
Hard to say where the band's going after this, but they sure can cook. 

Digital and physical release on the 6th of May 2016.

Track listing:

1: Thanks but No Thanks
2: Guarantee After Self Destruction
3: Illuminated Nostalgia
4: Sanity Suppositoire
5: Evil Kids

And in Bandcamp:

Buy the cd here for 12€ or OCD017 + OCD030 for 20€


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