Friday, 25 November 2016

ODX010 : Adriano Lanzi / El Topo - Lemurian - K-Mundi Live

 Covert art by A.L.

OBX010 : Adriano Lanzi / El Topo - Lemurian - K-muni Live

At last the three Adriano Lanzi projects in one compilation. 
This Italian Roma based guitarist is always looking for creativity and is always typically playing or composing with 2/3 bands at the same time when not involved in the creation of new music with different world musicians.
El Topo, released on Off back in 2008 (seeOCD006) is very close to the Chicago scene like Tortoise, but mixes real Italian genres like Ennio Moricone and folk. 
Lemurian, released on Off in 2013 (seeODG014) is an exercice of composing robotic songs with only one synth. 
K-Mundi, released in 2016 (seeOCD032) is musically more linked to the improvised electro acoustic genre with Geoff Leigh from Henry Cow fame as a guest musician! The track from CD3 is a live recording of a concert in Roma not on the album.

3 different projects united under the constant research of excellent music by this amazing musician: Signor Adriano Lanzi!

Original cover from El Topo by Kiekebiche

Original cover from Lemurian by Kiekebiche

Original cover from K-Mundi by økapi

Digital release on the 25th of November 2016.

Track listing:

1) CD1 : El Topo / Pigiama Psicoattivo

1: Tosca
2: Sonics
3: Seicento giri carico frontale
4: Pigiama psicoattivo
5: Telegraph Dakar
6: Scelsi
7: Errore meccanico 
8: Crew’n'c
9: Macinino

2) CD2 : Adriano Lanzi / You are never alone with the Lemurian Broadcasting Company

1: Gotcha
2: Fontana
3: Leibniz
4: Little Robot Waltz
5: Lemurian Broadcasting Company
6: Complicazioni tropicali, pt. 3
7: Amniotica  (A Philip K. Dick)
8: Dentro, un poco nervosamente
9: More Knobs to Twirl
10: Formaggio poco americano
11: Un'altra strada

3) CD3 : K-Mundi / Live in Roma

1: 28 marzo (feat. Geoff Leigh) - Live in Roma

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