Thursday, 12 October 2017

OUC008 : Mû / From Form

Art cover by Vincent Capes

OUC008 : Mû / From Form

The repertoire of Mû consists of "Mouves".

Mixing complex compositions and inspired improvisations, Mû spreads with those "Mouves" a remarkable and seductive music derived from chamber music, rock, science fiction soundtrack and electronic music.

Elusive, they operate by a succession of steps in continuous flow.

Mystical and sensitive, lush and intense, Yann Lecollaire's compositions and telepathic interplay open a new level of subtle nuance and transcendent melancholy in Olivier Messaien's modes.

From left to right: Yann, Eric, Quentin and Benjamin

Inside cover

Recorded originally in November 2013 by Maxime Gendebien, studio Pyramide, Brussels.
Mixed and mastered by Dre Pallemaerts.

Yann Lecollaire: clarinets, editing, programming.
Quentin Manfroy: flutes.
Eric Bribosia: Fender Rhodes, SH101, piano, Hammon dB3.
Benjamin Chaval: drums, noise, left hand keyboard, electrictable.

Digital release on the 13th of Octobr 2017.

Track listing:

1: Mouve 12
2: Mouve 11
3: Mouve 2
4: Mouve 8 
5: Mouve 6
6: Mouve 3
7: Mouve 10

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There are still some copies of the original cd available here:

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