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OUC011 : Osinski / Theosophische Werke

Cover art by Carlo Giustini - A.L.

OUC011 : Osinski / Theosophische Werke

I leave Italian musician Carlo Osinski speaks about his music:

"These compositions are free from any kind of musical dogma, such as phrasing, rhythm, chorus or leitmotif. 
They should be interpreted as contemporary, ritual Haikus. 
The white noise that fills our everyday routine is here exalted. 
Through improvised sonic expression we resume contact with the Father / Son Archetype. 
In shamanic tradition, songs and music have no author. Sounds and notes come from the Spirits to the Tsaman through dreams or through trans phases. The Shaman thus becomes a Channel for the voice of the Great Spirit. His job is to become a stick for the great cosmic drum of existence. This concept is also found in Indian tradition, where the Spirit speaks to us playing music through Krishna’s flute. Same thing happened in the days of the Neolithic, when music did not have any author, the sound and the songs singed by man were considered nothing but the voice of the spirits. 
All sounds in this EP are not attributable to the musician itself, but have to be conceived as the voice of an invisible, but present and persistent, realm around us. That's why all sounds you hear are first takes, no exception. They are the result of direct contact with an improvised and artistic energy form. 
For this reason, this EP is deliberately against any musical canon (an artifact of human experience itself) and fully embraces the Hermetic / Theosophical concept of hacking the "true" to unravel the false and the illusion. 
The Sound of Theosophische Werke becomes a representation of internal vibratory motion and drifting of the Akashic Records. 

Notes : 
This work is best enjoyed through solitary listening, headphones, semi darkness or blindfolded. 
It should be used as a tool for meditation, rituals, studying, reading (sacred lectures, bohemian poetry) and also: cooking, love making, plant feeding, plant consuming. 
Abstract-Sound Collage- Meditative- Contemporary Shamanism- Ritualistic- Field Recording- Improvisation- Channeling 
Field Recordings: 
Quartiere di Santa Maria del Sile, Parco di Villa Letizia, Chiesa di San Giuseppe (Treviso, Italy) "

Carlo Osinski

Digital release on the 26th of January 2018.

Track listing:

1: Theosophische Werke, Part.1
2: Theosophische Werke, Part.2
3: Theosophische Werke, Part.3
4: Theosophische Werke, Part.4
5: Theosophische Werke, Part.5

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