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OJP026 : Yuichi Onoue 尾上祐一 / Early Days 1983-1997- Collection of Bizarre Homemade Pop Songs

Cover art by Yuchi Onoue

OJP026 : Yuichi Onoue 尾上祐一 / Early Days 1983-1997- Collection of Bizarre Homemade Pop Songs

Yuichi Onoue (see OJP003OJP017 and OJP019) is one of the most busy artist on the alternative rock scene in Tokyo. 
From the late 80ties until now, he has played solo or with a lot of bands from many different genres, from rock to electronic pop to post rock to avant folk... 
He is also a very atypic musician as he always performs with self made instruments he created and invented such as the ribbon or the one chord electric viola... 
This album consists of home made songs that were recorded between 1983 and 1997 and eventually released on separates cassette tapes. All the music was composed and played by Yuichi and is typical of what he does and loves to play. 
The album has been re mastered slightly by Pierre Vervloesem.

All tracks are written by Yuichi Onoue

Yuichi Onoue plays:

Guitars, Bass Guitar, Synthesizers, Rhythm Programming
Pitch to Voltage guitar synth(track 01)
Onoue Co-Q - One String Fiddle(track 01, 09)
Kazoo(track 01), Vocal(track 05)
Fender Bass processed by Korg G5 Synth-bass processor(track 02, 03, 07)
Handmade sine wave generator(track 02)
Handmade original guitar synthesizer(track 04)
Handmade synth drum(track 10)
Algorithmic composition by using 'MAX' - a visual programming language
for music(track 06, 07, 08, 09)

Guest Musicians:
Keita Egusa - Piano(track 06)
Michio Karimata - Soprano Sax(track 06)

recorded by using
Sony monoral casette recorder(track 10)
Fostex X-15 4ch casette multi tracker(track 04, 05)
Yamaha CMX100 4ch casette multi tracker(track 01, 02, 03)
Yamaha MD4 4ch MD multi tracker(track 06, 07, 08, 09)

Digital release on the 6th of April 2018.

Track listing:

1: Junk Village Festival (1993)
2: Club Nebla (1994)
3: Carnivorous Plant (1994)
4: Arumi H Sin (1991)
5: Heavy Metal (1988) 
6: Free Electron (1997)
7: Dragon Factory (1997)
8: Musical Pollution Trilogy (1997)
9: Virtual Country (1997)
10: Tokyo Electric Ahoudori (1983)

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Love this album. Experimentation but really rocks 🎸 😎 👌 👏