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ODG035 : Collisions / Masses

Cover art by Fara

ODG035 : Collisions / Masses

First single out of the Masses / Sea motions video by Collisions to come out sees the return of Alessandro Baris (see OCD010:Comfort), this time associated with Leonello Tarabella.

“We want to share our music through a sensorial journey, magic and unusual, beyond ordinary sound and video experiences touching heart and mind of the spectator.”

Two years after their latest release and the applauded performance at Robot festival 2014, this new work from Collisions shows an artistic step forward of the italian duo formed by Alessandro Baris (known for being a member of L'Altra, Comfort, Young Boy, The Somnambulist) and Leonello Tarabella (saxophonist and computer music researcher at the National Council of Research in Italy) .

MASSES AND SEA MOTIONS is a live perfoming video shooted in the amazing and evocative location of Theatre of Silence in Tuscany; born from a Collisions idea it has been realized with the collaboration of director Davide Abate and producer Francesca Holsenn, inspired by videos as Godfrey Reggio's “Koyaanisqatsi”, Beach House “Forever Still” and Pink Floyd “Live at Pompei” with such a high quality production and a great impact which makes it comparable to those videos.

Masses And Sea Motions is made of solid and brilliant grooves supporting a texture of synthesizers and dreamy melodies, creating an evocative crescendo.
From sunset to twilight the music spreads all over the place brought by a dinamyc and versatile drumming melted with digital sounds performed through a unique and spectacular computer music interactive technology, developed by Tarabella, which consists of two gesture recognition systems:
the first one is called Palm Driver and is a device that consists on infrared beams which detects the distance of different parts of the palms of the hands thus getting information based on heights and rotations of the hands.
The second system is called “Handel” and is based on real-time processing of grabbed video images. A video projector creates background scenarios  where the performer places and moves his hands.
In both the systems the information produced is sent to a computer creating an interactive computer music performance by controlling sound processing and sound synthesis programs both affecting melody, timber or effects.

An involving journey enriched by a creative video editing led by the eye of a drone camera.

composed and performed by COLLISIONS
recorded live by Alessandro Sportelli at Theatre of Silence,
september 2014, Lajatico - Italy

mixed and mastered by Alessandro Sportelli at West Link recording
executive producer Information Science and Technology Institute
artwork by MOODIF
Alessandro Baris proudly plays UFIP cymbals and CVL drums
© 2014 Alessandro Baris – Leonello Tarabella (SIAE)

Alessandro Baris drums 
Leonello Tarabella handel, palm driver

Digital release on the 9th of January 2015.

Track listing:
1: Masses

A trailer from the Robot Festival in 2014:

Another great track "Sound Carrier":


"Landscapes Serenade":

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