Friday, 19 February 2016

ODX006 : The Camping Group / So wie wir heute dastehn - Vertrauen & Wohlstand

Cover art by A.L.

ODX006 : The Camping Group / So wie wir heute dastehn - Vertrauen & Wohlstand 

Finally available as a digital box, the two released album by The Camping Group (see ODG015 and ODG016).

The Camping Group (tCG) is Daniel Vujanic, the man behind so many different projects such as Baja (see ODX005), Nervous Lovers ( ODG001: Corpes for the Discodawn ), Ixtar, Gaop, Höhlenmusik or Mutterberg and his long time good friend Johannes Finke.

The band was founded in Stuttgart and is now based between Stuttgart (Vujanic) and Berlin (Finke).
They know each other since they were young teens playing Tennis and listening to Terence Trent D'Arbys "Wishing Well". Three Years later they ended up watching Babes In Toyland and began to talk seriously. They started producing Art in many ways, exhibitions, books, records, having
a publishing company, working on plays and installations throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Johannes says about the band: " tCG is just bringing it together, for a small unique piece of unity and friendship. We are both collecting artefacts of life so working in tCG is sharing it all and earning this moments of pure awareness and revolutionary thoughts."

The CD1 is a compilation of their first released album and remixes/bonus tracks that were never released before. CD2 is their second album.
Original covers, artwork by Kiekebiche:

German pop at his best! Never before you had such a final mix of pop, hip-hop, post-rock, electro and future funk in one band. Daniel Vujanic one more time strikes with his originality and creativity! It's a hit!

More about Daniel Vujanic: Discogs bio
More about Johannes Finke:

Digital release on the 19th of February.

Track listing:

1) 1000 Jahre (remix)
2) Vertrauen & Wohlstand (Humanismus remix)
3) Null Null Europa
4) Regenbrauen
5) Wellengang
6) Seemanslied (remix)
7) Azoth
8) Feuerball
9) Alles Bleibt Nichts Geht (schädlings remix)
10) Dreckwasser Dub
11) Humanistenhorde / Jakobsmusghelweg
12) Wir Sind (geld funktionert)

1) König
2) Die Neuen Gesetze
3) Schwerer Elefant
4) Wo Ist Heaven?
5) Woodstock
6) Immer Noch
7) Der Vollständigkeit Halber
8) Seemannslied
9) Fantasy Filmfest Girls
10) Party In den Dünen
11) Von Drei Mal Rot Zur Methode
12) Triumph Ist Trumpt
13) Was Macht
14) Du Bist Nur Ein Instrument
15) Trabanten Dub
16) Das Beben ( Treptow Zeitloch)

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