Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Merry X-Mas and Happy New-Year to all and more for 2017!

One more time 2016 was a busy year for Off!
With no less than 45 digital or physical releases ( see the page Latest Releases) from bands, solo artists or compilations and a new series called 'The Japanese Series', Off tried again to bring you the best of music from all over the world.
From confirmed artists to new entries, Off continues to search for exciting music.
2017 will mark the 10th anniversary of the label and in order to celebrate this, Off will bring you even more amazing artists and lots of presents when ordering cds, so be sure to stay tuned here!

Meanwhile, Off wishes to all of you known and unknown music lovers a fabulous end of the year and hope to see you coming even more next year!

Remember that without you, without buying the real cds or downloading them, there will be no more music!
So thank you again for your support!

As always, Off lets you enjoy the special X-Mas gift from Dorit Chrysler! Enjoy!

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