Wednesday 23 August 2017

OPV012 : Orchestra Exotica / Plays Martin Denny

Cover art by Bruno Vansina

OPV012 : Orchestra Exotica / Plays Martin Denny

Martin Denny revisited by Bruno Vansina and Pierre Vervloesem.

Bruno Vansina ( Flat Earth Society, Vansina-Verbruggen-Gudmundsson trio, Vansina orchestra…) was inspired by the famous exotica music of Martin Denny and Les Baxter for a children’s play: MaiTé, het meisje en de vogel

The songs were arranged by Pierre Vervloesem and recorded as a trio using a lot of electronics, guitars and vibraphones in quadraphonic for the play. The music can be heard on the second cd of this double album.
When presenting the show, mostly to children, they always play the music live.

A teaser from the MaiTé shadow play:

Later on, Bruno envisaged another way to play the songs appart from the play and considered to re record them as a full orchestra. The compositions were then rearranged by Pierre Vervloesem in a way to remain true to the originals, but to have a very contemporary feel to them as well, and soon started to lead a life of their own. This resulted in a new band – the 7-piece Orchestra Exotica – that performs the playful and multicolored music of Denny and Baxter with a healthy dose of humor, cunning craft and an infectious drive. The result can be heard on the first cd of this double album.

Both cds were mixed and mastered by Pierre Vervloesem.

Bruno Vansina - flute, synth & parafernalia
Pierre Vervloesem - guitar
Frank Van Eycken - vibraphone, marimba, glockenspiel, percussion
Peter Vandenberghe - keys
Filip Vandebril - bass
Kobe Proesmans - percussion
Simon Segers - drums

Orchestra Exotica

Bruno live
Pierre live

'Escales' live:

Physical and digital release on the 25th of August 2017.

Track listing:

CD1: Orchestra Exotica

1: Escales  
2: Cobra 
3: Misirlou (Slow Version)
4: Jungle Madness   
5: Kalua  
6: The Enchanted Sea  
7: The Left Arm of Buddha 
8: Llama Serenade
9: Mau Mau
10: M’bira
11: Misirlou
12: Simba
13: Tiki
14: Stone God
15: Tune from Rangoon

CD2: MaiTé Het Meisje En De Vogel

1: Escales
2: M’bira
3: Tune from Rangoon
4: Stone God
5: Cobra
6: Misirlou
7: Jungle Madness
8: Kalua
9: Tiki
10: The Enchanted Sea
11: Simba
12: The Left Arm of Buddha
13: Mau Mau
14: Llama Serenade
15: Akaka Falls

And on Bandcamp, Maité, the girl and the bird:

And on Bandcamp, Orchestra exoctica:



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