Saturday, 8 September 2018

ODG085 : Chisto Pole / Boria at Home

Cover art by Chisto Pole

ODG085 : Chisto Pole / Boria at Home

Chisto Pole aka Grin Shadowtrick is from St Petersburg. Most of his music consists of an habile mix between drones, fiel recordings, noise, electronics, abstract sounds and acoustic instruments.
He also performs under the pseudonym of TLFN (see here) doing a much more cyborg style of music, mixing natural analog sounds and crystal digital waves.

In 2015, he collected sounds from one of his friend. This is what inspired him to compose 'Boria at Home'.
This is what he wrote at the time:
"St. Petersburg, the end of winter, beginning of spring 2015. This is a true and sad story about the last days of the fragile world in which he lived, my friend Boris and his neighbors. 
I came to him and began to write down everything that happens on the recorder, trying to catch the ambient atmosphere of that time.  And what came out is memories, about the time and place that changed my life."

Chisto Pole

Digital release on the 8th of September 2018.

Track listing:

1: Leach
2: Kitchen
3: Room
4: No Job No Home

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