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OPV001 : Pierre Vervloesem / Not Even Close

Covert art by Kiekebiche

OPV001 : Pierre Vervloesem / Not Even Close

First solo album since 2005 and where he does absolutely everything but some vocals by his wife.

Pierre Vervloesem was born in 1964 and has never stopped playing bass or guitar since he was 17.
 His masters were Zappa, Adrian Belew and Robert Fripp, and you can definitively hear their influences here and there on all the albums that he has recorded. He is always saying that he doesn’t like jazz though there is evidently touches of it everywhere. He is a huge fan of John Barry (he did an entire album of improbable covers : ‘Plays John Barry’) Stravinsky, PIL, Godley&Creme, XTC, This heat, Fantomas and Perez Prado.
All those musicians are part of the music of ‘NOT EVEN CLOSE’ even though what he plays is really unique!
This was supposed to be his ‘kewboard’ album, the one where he would not play a single note of guitar or bass…
 Really ?

7 cd with X-Legged Sally. 2 cd with A Group. Participate to the music of 5 shows for Wim Vandekeybus. 6 solos cd either alone or sometimes with musicians as various as Guy Segers (univers zero pointe) or Charles Hayward (This Heat).
Mixed and/ or produced too many bands to be cited here ( around 100), among others : Deus and Flat earth Society.
Has played also with David Byrne, Bill Laswell or Marc Ribot and so many others.
With Teun Verbruggen, he has another release on Off (seeOCD002).

Pierre Vervloesem: knobs twiddling, vocals
Michèle Van Kalck: vocals
Claude Zac: 400 personnes lyrics

Recorded, mixed and mastered at studio Fiasco.

Digital and physical released on the 1st of October 2008

Track listing :

1 : Burba Bubba
2 : Das mädchen in jeans
3 : Roaccutane
4 : Nishi guchi no Chugoku no Yadayajin tachi
5 : Compulsory dance
6 : Pas mal pour une éléphante défunte
7 : Evenly dead in Brazil
7 : Luis Luis
8 : Martino
9 : Abitur
10 : Imparate a guidare, massa di teste di cazzo
11 : The Bach formula
12 : 400 personnes
13 : I was a teenage Z

PIERRE VERVLOESEM - 400 personnes CLIP from Gil Mortio on Vimeo.


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