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ODG061 : Pascal Doguet / The Old City

Covert art by Pascal Doguet

ODG061 : Pascal Doguet / The Old City

Pascal Doguet is a French artist active for the last  20 years in the electronic music. 
As a young musician, he turned away his drums and started djing.
He then discovered the music of German electronic pioneer Edgar Froese and was influenced to an such an extend that he never ended experimenting with synthetisers. 
Initially self-taught, he perfected his learning with passion and practice, forging his own style ranging from electro to ambient music.

From his studio whose geometry varies according to projects or from his ipad while on his boat, he concocts sounds that will ultimately say more than all words could.
Pure product of the original electro scene, he now refines his tracks in an almost mystical atmosphere.
It would probably require as many qualifiers as there are states of mind to label his music but immediate feeling and ephemeral emotions are probably some of them.

His first electro colored album Mechanical Blue was released in 2009 followed in 2011 by two more atmospheric and ambient albums: Einziger Sohn and Air Lock.
2012 saw the cinematic album Reset and 2014 his last album Wholesale Of Love.
He is now more into writing long pieces that can just live by themselves. 

The Old City and Russian Girl are two examples of his ambient or his more IDM approaches.

Original cover for The Old City

Original cover for Russian Girl

Pascal Doguet

Digital release on the 6th of January 2017.

Track listing:

1: The Old City
2: Russian Girl

And on Bandcamp:

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