Thursday, 26 January 2017

ODG062 : Drawings in sound / 161 ep

Cover art by Youri Van Uffelen

ODG062 : Drawings in sound / 161 ep

Drawings in sound is a platform for research, experimentation and exploration of concepts in electronic music. This first selection of 6 tracks is extracted from improvisation sessions based on an old casio and a korg x-911. 
Music Youri Van Uffelen defines as 'from slow tone-bending ambient to dance music for lost souls with attention deficit disorder’.

Since 1996 Youri Van Uffelen (Antwerp) makes music and soundscapes for theater, comic novels, art installations, film... 
Thanks to his studies in audiovisual arts, he is inclined to think in images, resulting in atmospheric music that tells its own story.

music and artwork by Youri Van Uffelen
mastering by Francesco Donadello

A nice review in Flemish in Luminous Dash.

A video for 'Pulse':

Digital release on the 27th of January 2017.

Track listing:

01 Felt
02 Decay
03 Pulse
04 Slept
05 Saw
06 Released

And in Bandcamp:

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