Thursday 12 January 2017

OJP017 : Androgena アンドロジーナ / Mondo Electronica

OJP017 : Androgena アンドロジーナ / Mondo Electronica

Androgena was formed in Tokyo in June 1996 and wav active until July 1997.
One of their member was Yuichi Onoue (see also OJP003 to discover his new band).
Their musical concept was called ‘retro-future and exoticism’ and was based and influenced by the mondo (the Japanese Buddhist term which prefigure a certain dialogue between master and disciples) but also the film genre, and of course the musical style lounge.
Adding the techno pop that was in vogue in Japan in the 80ties (see Yellow Magic Orchestra, Ippu Do etc...) and post rock to that concept gave something original to their music while definitively Japanese sounding.

They had three gigs at SILVER ELEPHANT ( a famous progressive rock club in Tokyo) and released a K7 album 'Mondo Electronica' with the five songs that are re mastered and digitally re released today.

The back of the original K7

The band live at Silver Elephant

A video:

Mondo Matsuda - Bass, ARP Odyssey Synthesizer, Sound Effects
Ramiel Iriya - Vocal, Accordion, Kazoo
Hoshipy Hoshikawa - KORG 01/W & MS-10 Synthesizer, Roland VP330 Vocoder
Shigeki Suzuki - Electric Drums & Percussion
Yuichi Onoue - Electric Guitar, Onoue Co-Q(Original One String Fiddle), Sound Effects

Produced by Mondo Matsuda
Engineered by Mondo Matsuda & Yuichi Onoue
Recorded between Sep. 1996 and Feb.1997.
Remastered by Pierre Vervloesem in 2016

Digital release on the 13th of January 2017.

Track listing:

1. Akasha (lyrics by Ramiel Iriya , Music by Mondo Matsuda)
2. Star's Child (lyrics by Ramiel Iriya , Music by Mondo Matsuda)
3. Princess Knight (lyrics by Kahei Nou, Music by Isao Tomita)
4. Under the Moon (lyrics and Music by Ramiel Iriya)
5. Seabed Super Express (lyrics by Noriko Sakamoto , Music by Mondo Matsuda)

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