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OAS001 : GUIGUISUISUI / From Another Dimension

Covert art by Dann Gaymer

OAS001 : GUIGUISUISUI / From Another Dimension

First release on the new ‘Asian’ series based exclusively on Asian musicians (but Japanese, see the 'Japanese' series for that) / non Asian musicians living in Asia or any combination possible between Asian musicians and the rest of the world, is Beijing based GUIGUISUISUI, a two piece journey into sounds and performances.
Man and woman, East and West, past and future, side by side, blending 8-bit electronics meditation samples whilst channeling blues, rock, hip hop, doom, punk, noise, and ambient bliss while performing an avante garde opera featuring a number of characters. 
This particular release focuses on the duo of preacher and minister for the cult of greed Lord Kamemameha and high priestess of profit Lady Chakra, including tracks and remixes from the ‘Wu Xing’ EP as well as an earlier incarnation of Lord Kamemameha from when GUIGUISUISUI was still a solo project.
Lady Chakra: vocals, percussion. 
Lord Kamemameha: vocals, guitars, bass, synths, beats, samples. 

‘Zombie Land’ and ‘Shadow Of The Moon’ Recorded by Yang Haisong at Psychic Kong in Beijing, China and in an apple tree in Dartford, England; mixed and mastered by Li Shenjie at Ran Music in Beijing, China. From the ‘Wu Xing’ EP: Bandcamp link

‘Cutting Ceaser Down’ recorded and mixed by GUIGUISUISUI in Beijing, China. From the ‘GUIGUISUISUI vs Black Science’ EP on Nasty Wizard Recordings / Hell Is Now Love: Bandcamp link

For the remixes:

Thruoutin is an American producer based in Beijing, China who combines heavily sampled electronic elements accented by vocals and the Chinese lute, ‘pipa’. He has toured extensively around Asia and the north American, including a Taiwan tour with an earlier incarnation of GUIGUISUISUI, and released through a number of labels. Bandcamp link

Lastboss is a British multi genre producer currently based in Zhuhai, China. While he lends his talents to many types of electronic music his ambient works are what caught the attention of GUIGUISUISUI due to his lush and mesmerizing dreamscapes, swirling around like an ocean of sound. Bandcamp link

Dee is a Chinese artist based in Beijing who constantly crosses back and forth between experimental dance, avante garde performance, and meditative noise. Sampling the every day and seemingly mundane, Dee constantly reinvents the world around him in a manner that is sometimes confrontational but always intriguing. Bandcamp link

Dazed Marrow is an American multi genre producer based in South Korea. Excelling at sinister yet fascinating soundscapes with infectious beats nestled beneath, Dazed Marrow sounds like a Harkonen dance party on Ghedi Prime from ten thousand years in the future,  which is perhaps why he’s signed to the same label as William Shatner, Cleopatra Records. Bandcamp link

Lord Kamehameha and Lady Chakra

A video created especially for the Dazed Marrow remix:

And the original version and video from their original album:

Digital release on the 14th of April 2017.

Digitally distributed on KKBOX for all the Asian friends who want to listen and discover!

Track listing:

1: Zombie Land
2: Cutting Ceasar
3: Shadow of the Moon
4: Automatic Vedic Machine - Thruoutin Remix
5: Low Interest Salvation- Dazed Marrow Remix
6: Shadow of the Moon - Lastboss Remix
7: Low Interest Salvation - Dee Remix

A Bandcamp only release:

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