Thursday, 20 April 2017

OAS002 : Yingfan / With a Slightly Finger Move

Art cover by Dawang Yingfan Huang

OAS002 : Yingfan / With a Slightly Finger Move

Yingfan a.k.a. Dawang Huang is born in 1975 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Under strong influences of Japanese cult anime Akira's soundtrack (by Japanese amateur chorus Geinoh Yamashirogumi) and Einstuerzende Neubauten, Yingfan starts making bedroom recordings since 1991, and performs under various aliases and forms since 2002, recognized as an "outsider artist" in Taiwanese underground art/music scenes. 

Honorary Mention of Prix Ars Electronica 2012 for environmental improvisation project "Minkoku Hyakunen"(2011) personal project "Blackwolf Nagashi", which represents Taiwan's post-modernism has 2 full-length albums released. 

Since 2010, he collaborated with various contemporary dance companies, performance art groups, independent film productions, colleges, art curators, museums, galleries and small theaters, for contributing music/sound designs, artworks, as well as actings.

This album sees him various approches to fake music, from contemporary classical to noise to drones to jazz, using his talent to succeed with a brilliant album of counterfeit but definitely honest and intriguing music!

All tracks by Dawang Yingfan Huang.
Recorded in Taipei between autumn 2016 and winter 2017 with lo-spec equipments.

Discover more here:

Yingfan, pic by Watan Wuma

Yingfan, pic by Weiching Lee

Digital release on the 21st of April 2017.

Digitally distributed on KKBOX for all the Asian friends who want to listen and discover!

Track listing:

01 fake piano(1) [02:57]
02 fake putney(1) [08:12]
03 fake putney(2) [01:33]
04 fake crumar and fake yamaha ceepee [04:20]
05 fake tape echo [04:20]
06 fake piano(2) [08:37]
07 authentic virtual analog synthesizer [04:27]
08 cpu overload [05:56]
09 micro what [04:27]
10 unidentified fake jaguar [03:12]
11 fake piano(3) [07:30]

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