Thursday, 6 April 2017

OUC002 : Helix 2 / Slower

Cover art by John Franek

OUC002 : Helix 2 / Slower

After releasing his solo album 'La mer dans le ciel' (see ODG063), American contemporary composer and musician John Franek return with another project: Helix 2, a new piano duo composed of himself and Mike Ryan.

Slower is an album composed entirely of improvisations for two pianos and these pieces are filled with lively melodic action, rhythmic precision and fast changing harmonic qualities. Helix 2 also performs concerts of established four-hand and two piano repertoire, with a concert scheduled as far into the future as Paris in 2019. 

The music is definitely contemporary but the use of an organ and the added electronics give it a different edge than the usual four hands piano pieces. One could feel some reminiscences with Steve Reich, Wim Mertens or Philip Glass or the minimalism mouvement, but Helix 2 brings something more romantic to the genre.

John & Mike

Digital release on the 7th of April 2017.

Track listing:

1: Aesi
2: Bais
3: Cheu
4: Date
5: Etia
6: Flor
7: Gela

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